Knowledge and Content Management Systems

Intelligent solutions for managing critical information assets

General Dynamics IT provides technology solutions that help organizations access, control and deliver information. Our knowledge and content management solutions enable organizations to effectively manage documents, Web content, records and digital assets to ensure that distributed information is accurate, up-to-date and secure. Our solutions provide users with roles-based access to view, collaborate on or retire content. General Dynamics IT's knowledge and content management solutions enable organizations to manage their critical information assets and deliver consistent, accurate and timely information to end users.

Our Knowledge Management Framework provides text-driven intelligence solutions to help organizations make more informed decisions by processing all forms of text to extract important information for use within analytic applications and business intelligence systems.

Our solutions help organizations make better decisions more quickly by turning large volumes of contextually-based information into actionable intelligence. Adding this situational context to enterprise data systems empowers organizations to uncover hidden relationships, evaluate events and discover unforeseen possibilities.