InforCe™ Tactical Instrumentation Suite

A portable, rapid response capability for training, security and surveillance

The InForce™ simulation and training instrumentation suite provides a realistic training environment for the continuing education and training of law enforcement and first responder agencies, as well as medical and military personnel. The integrated, lightweight and portable unit requires minimal set-up time and maximizes instrumentation, technology and special effects components for realistic, live sensory experiences and enhanced situational awareness training in close-quarters operations.

In addition to being used as a training enhancement, the InForce instrumentation suite can be used for force protection, surveillance and security. The system contains a camera with day/night capability, a microphone for two-way audio, a speaker for recorded sound effects, operator-controlled power output, Ethernet power and General Dynamics IT's Command and Control Integrated Technology (C2IT) software. 

The mobility of the InForce instrumentation suite makes it a perfect fit to embed within any training program where real-life scenarios are replicated. The recording capability provides indoor and field support to create a comprehensive environment to train personnel on the best techniques for enhanced response and operational readiness. The InForce instrumentation suite transmits live training for various scenarios with sight, sound and smell to a remote classroom and entire exercises can be taped and replayed so participants can assess their strengths and weaknesses. 

Providing law enforcement and first responders with training, surveillance and security solutions, General Dynamics IT offers an array of integrated instrumentation systems that greatly enhance emergency response training and operations.  We provide cost-effective, user-friendly and versatile solutions that can give responders a keen edge when called into threatening situations, resulting in more controlled and positive outcomes.