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The Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading-Edge Solutions (EAGLE) is a multiple award indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle designed as a preferred source of information technology (IT) services for a majority of the DHS's enterprise infrastructure and initiatives. The FirstSource initiative is an IDIQ contract vehicle specifically designed as a preferred source of IT commodity products used to meet the vast majority of the DHS' enterprise infrastructure needs.

In what Functional Categories (FC) is CSRA qualified? We were selected to offer services in four Functional Categories:

  • FC 1 – Service Delivery, including Integration
  • Software Design/Development
  • Operations
  • Maintenance

Task Order Process

QA Process

CSRA has a Quality Assurance (QA) Program that follows the Project Management Institute's outline for project quality management. The Program includes Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control components; its implementation within an overall process and quality environment has been rated by an independent assessment at CMMI Level 3 for the Enforcement Security & Intelligence Division within CSRA.

Our QA Program is realized through implementation of a QA Plan to be implemented for EAGLE as is currently implemented throughout CSRA's Department of Homeland Security Programs (DHSP). The Plan document identifies both the underlying concepts on which the plan is based and the specific activities to be conducted to ensure that system development and maintenance programs and associated projects performed for DHS by DHSP are accomplished in accordance with approved methodologies and supporting processes, standards, and procedures; and, the products and services of these programs and associated projects conform to applicable contract and Task Order requirements.


The QA Program applies to all system development and maintenance programs including work performed by program subcontractors. The QA Program covers all supported life-cycle phases. The QA plan provides the framework necessary to ensure a consistent approach to QA throughout the EAGLE program Task Orders.
A basic tenet of our commitment to customer satisfaction is to make all employees responsible for the quality of their work. As implemented, this means that QA is not only the responsibility of the program’s Quality Assurance Office (QAO) but also the responsibility of all program personnel, particularly managers, who perform work for and provide services and products to our customers—the DHS user community.


The Program’s QA program is based on key concepts:

  • The QA program is an active, rather than passive, endeavor. Implementation of and compliance with the QA program are the shared responsibility of all program personnel; both management and the technical staff are fully committed to the success of the QA program.
  • The QA program is administered by a QAO that is organizationally independent of program management.
  • The program fully supports the objectives and goals of CSRA and DHS quality management and process improvement initiatives.
  • Quality is designed into products by using defined processes and procedures that are continuously monitored and updated to improve their efficiency, to avoid repeating problems, and to maintain the desired quality of resulting products.
  • The methods used for analysis, design, implementation, and testing activities during system development and maintenance result in intermediate products that can be reviewed and/or tested for correctness and compliance with applicable requirements as a basis for assessing quality and measuring work progress through the SDLC.
  • The QA program activities are reviewed regularly to enable any revisions in recognition of improved or new processes and technologies.


The primary functions of the program QAO are to maintain continuing awareness of program product and service quality; to provide management with visibility of the processes used in Task Order performance; and to notify program managers in a timely manner about existing or potential quality-related problems. The QAO supports implementation and related training for the QA program defined by this plan. The QA Program includes and the QA Plan outlines use of various tools, techniques, and outputs to include checklists, audits, trend analysis, and control charts.

Information regarding the EAGLE and EAGLE II contracts can be found at:


Program Manager
Peter Kuhmerker

Fernando Pidal

Michele Engelhart

Contract Details

Sponsor Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Agency Website:
Eligible Users: DHS HQ and DHS Components
Period of Performance: September 27, 2013 – September 26, 2020
Geographic Coverage: World-Wide
Contract Ceiling: 22 Billion
Agency Fee: N/A
Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30
DUNS Numbers: 043991108