Quality Service Providers

Recognizing High-Performing Small Business Partners

The General Dynamics IT Quality Service Provider (QSP) Program recognizes high-performing small businesses for their technical effort on our contracts. Through an established quality rating system and an annual evaluation process, we identify and recognize the highest-quality small business providers, ensuring they receive recognition and consideration for further teaming opportunities. Businesses are selected for inclusion in the QSP program under a rigorous set of standards and performance including: quality of work, timeliness, responsiveness, cost effectiveness and standards of conduct. After a formal evaluation based on contract and project management performance areas, we create a “report card” which is used to determine participation as a QSP program participant. All QSP participants must maintain high levels of service, performance, quality, ethical standards and cooperation to remain in the program.

General Dynamics IT’s QSP program provides a highly selective process that includes subcontractor evaluations by program and contracts managers, combined with additional assessments to ensure that selected companies reflect a high standard of business. All QSP small businesses are invited to participate in an award ceremony at General Dynamics IT headquarters.

We are pleased to announce that General Dynamics IT has selected the following outstanding small business providers, and awards were presented to these high-performing small businesses:

QSP Small Businesses for 2017

  • 9LINE, LLC
  • ABL Information Technology, LLC
  • Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.
  • Cosmos IT Solutions, Inc.
  • CTI Resource Management Services, Inc.
  • DDL Omni Engineering Corp.
  • FederalLogic Infosystems, Inc.
  • Intelligent Decision Systems, Inc.
  • Information Systems Solutions, Inc.
  • Integrated Training Solutions, Inc.
  • Pearl Interactive Network, Inc.
  • SoNoted, LLC
  • Tesla Laboratories, Inc. (formerly Dowless and Associates, Inc.)
  • Trailblazer Innovations, Inc.
  • The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.
  • Valbin Corporation

QSP Small Business Partner of the Year 2016

  • NetOps Solutions, Inc.

Silver QSP Small Business for 2016

  • Aderas, Inc.

Bronze QSP Small Businesses for 2016

  • Acuative Corporation
  • American Hospital Services Group, LLC
  • Ironclad Technology Services, LLC
  • SecuriFense, Inc.
  • Synaptek Corporation
  • Victor 12, Inc.

QSP Small Businesses for 2016

  • Cosmos IT Solutions, Inc.
  • Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc.
  • Rollout Systems, LLC
  • The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.

QSP Small Business Partner of the Year 2015

  • VisionFoundry, Inc.

Silver QSP Small Business for 2015

  • Victor 12, Inc.

Bronze QSP Small Businesses for 2015

  • DDL Omni Engineering, LLC
  • Integrated Training Solutions, Inc.
  • Twisted Pair Enterprises, Inc.

QSP Small Businesses for 2015

  • LPI Technical Services
  • Meshed Networks, Inc.
  • Najia Systems, LLC
  • Quality Coatings of Virginia, Inc.
  • The Logistics Company, Inc.
  • SDL Consulting Services, LLC