Featured Opportunity

Make the leap from campus to clearance.

The next generation is critical to the success of tomorrow’s missions. That’s why we help transition new graduates into the cleared workforce.

GDIT’s Early Talent Clearance Program is designed for high-performing individuals looking to gain broad exposure to IT in a cleared space. We want to turn early-talent applicants into full-time employees—complete with a degree and clearance.

We help you become a cleared employee through one of three ways:

  • Entering directly into an assignment based on desired work.
  • Experiencing different assignments, usually beginning on the customer front-end before a subsequent rotation or direct assignment.
  • Starting as an uncleared employee in the uncleared space, working while your clearance processes (based on availability).

What does clearance mean?

Security clearance is a determination made by the federal government that you’re eligible to access classified information. This is sometimes also called “eligibility for access.”

How long does it take?

The entire clearance process can vary depending on multiple factors like personal background to government deadlines.

Does clearance guarantee work?

Potentially. We can’t control the job market, but we can alert you when we have an opening that matches your skillset.