Emerging Technology Partners

The next generation of next-generation.

Today’s technology is moving faster than ever—and GDIT partners with the companies leading the next wave of innovation. Through our Emerging Technology Program, we match our clients with emerging technologies at the forefront of invention. Our never-ending search to deliver game-changing solutions is what separates GDIT from our competitors. Together, with our emerging-technology partners, we’re able to outfit today’s critical missions with the solutions of tomorrow.

Be Informed

Automated case-study management.


Automates the entire cloud migration journey: analyze, migrate, optimize, containerize, modernize, SaaSify.


Expedited predictive-model deployment for data scientists.


Apache Spark analytics data platform.


Integrated data-layer virtualization for unified data services.


Zero trust network segmentation to stop lateral movement.

Ping Identity

Zero trust identity-defined security for hybrid IT environments.


Cyber vulnerability management.