Targeting the threats of tomorrow.

We don’t respond to change, we drive it. No other company has the scale to provide cyber services like GDIT. We help agencies defend themselves from the increasing intensity of cyber-attacks with our top talent, key partnerships, and a focus on emerging technology and game-changing innovations. From securing IT networks to embedding cybersecurity inside systems and platforms, we protect our clients from the complete threat lifecycle. Today’s targets never stop moving. That’s why we never stay still.


The minds behind the machines.

In the war on cyberterrorism, the most powerful weapon is talent. At GDIT, we have more than 5,000 cyber professionals, decorated with over 6,400 certifications. Our Cyber Center of Excellence is constantly working to prepare our workforce for the latest threats, using the latest capabilities. We never stop using our intelligence and partnerships to innovate in real time and advance cyber operations.


Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

We understand that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the only way to build tomorrow’s strongest lines of cyber defense. That’s why we have more than 30 cyber alliances with some of the greatest thinkers, leaders, and established and emerging technology companies to overcome our clients’ biggest challenges. We’re leveraging automation, blockchain, AI, machine learning, and security orchestration to build some of the world’s most modern and resilient IT solutions.


Always one step ahead.

The only way to defend against tomorrow’s threats is with today’s biggest breakthroughs. In a world of constant change, innovating is the only way to stay ahead. As more agencies take their operations to the cloud, cybersecurity must adapt where finite resources can’t. We go beyond game-changing automation, delivering advanced cyber analytics, threat hunting, and zero-trust architecture. Clients today face more threats than ever before. That’s why GDIT offers more solutions than ever before.
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Powerful security applications provide heightened perimeter and endpoint defense.

Risk Management

We help agencies proactively assess their vulnerabilities.


Innovative security operations to address the full spectrum of cyber needs.


Next-generation cyber engineering for increased data security and insider-threat protection.


Advanced threat-hunting tools for improved incident response and forensics.


Virtual training platform (VTP) that emulates the ever-changing threat.

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Cyber Institute

Arming the next generation of cybersecurity forces.

Cybersecurity is always changing. And so are the needs of our federal clients. That’s why GDIT’s Cyber Institute prepares the next generation of cybersecurity talent with the education and training they need to ensure tomorrow is safe.

We offer industry-certified course options as diverse as our talent base: from in-residence and on-site to online or mobile. Our coursework aligns with national frameworks and our virtual training platform takes students beyond the classroom setting, featuring real-world simulations designed to meet the highest levels of on-site and cloud security. Self-paced or instructor-led, VTP delivers exceptional training anytime, anywhere.