Secure today. Smarter tomorrow.

Cyber impacts every aspect of our lives. That’s why GDIT is driven to ensure clients have cyber protection today, while outthinking the threats of tomorrow.

We secure today, embedding resilient cyber solutions into every aspect of the mission. And we prepare for tomorrow, deploying new technology and partnerships to anticipate and preempt future risks.

We do all of this because we know cyber is not a singular part of the mission—it’s the thread that runs across every endpoint, every network, and every person. By proactively protecting, instantly responding and constantly evolving, GDIT makes today secure and tomorrow smarter.

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Agency Guide to Zero Trust Maturity

Civilian and defense agencies report on their progress and approach to developing and implementing zero trust strategies, along with the benefits and challenges they are facing and the impact this has on their missions.

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GDIT Cyber

GDIT Cyber is Secure today. Smarter tomorrow.

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In addressing the growing cyber threat, the most powerful weapon is talent. At GDIT, we have more than 3,000 cyber professionals, decorated with over 6,400 certifications. Our Cyber Center of Excellence is constantly working to prepare our workforce for the latest threats, using the latest capabilities.


We understand that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are fundamental in building tomorrow’s strongest lines of cyber defense. That’s why we have more than 30 cyber alliances with some of the greatest thinkers, leaders and emerging technology companies to address our customers’ biggest challenges.


Our cyber services implement next-gen cyber technologies and approaches across all programs and proposals. We also provide expert technical cyber domain support and enable teams to take advantage of our Cyber Center of Excellence ecosystem and Cyber Technology Alliances.


The GDIT Cyber Stack is a comprehensive modular ecosystem of cybersecurity capabilities that map to the Secure Cloud Computing Architecture. The ecosystem provides network security, endpoint security, security event analysis, credentials management, incident response ready, security assessment and threat intelligence.


Building the zero trust foundation. Faster.

GDIT is leading the way in collaborating with government agencies to build and implement zero trust strategies that meet the challenges of their operating environment. Our cross-functional technology capabilities help customers improve visibility, simplify IT management, protect remote workforces, and create streamlined user experiences.

GDIT Cyber Stack

Securing the mission.

GDIT delivers resilient cyber solutions that offer protection today, while outthinking the threats of tomorrow. The GDIT Cyber Stack is our comprehensive ecosystem of cyber capabilities, leveraging autonomous cyber and enabling zero trust to secure your agency’s mission.


Securely connect the joint force.

GDIT provides the premier access management solution through our Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) solution for the Department of Defense. This capability is a foundational component to a zero-trust strategy.