Cybersecurity that evolves with the threat.

GDIT delivers advanced cyber solutions at the highest security levels supporting the most sensitive missions at the scale and complexity demanded by defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies.

To detect and protect against the unknown, GDIT deploys resilient cyber solutions and emerging technology to harden networks, systems and applications against vulnerabilities, rapidly respond and recover during cyber events, and deliver zero trust transformations.

Post-Quantum Cryptography

GDIT provides post-quantum cryptography solutions to identify vulnerabilities and protect cryptographic systems against attacks by quantum computers, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

GDIT provides agencies with advanced encryption capabilities that are resistant to attacks by quantum computers. The solution conducts regular vulnerability assessments to identify and remediate potential security weaknesses in agency systems, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence

GDIT’s threat hunting and threat intelligence services leverage advanced analytics to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats, significantly reducing the risk of an attack. This proactive approach helps organizations remain one step ahead of cybercriminals and avoid costly security breaches.

Risk Management and Continuous Compliance

GDIT provides comprehensive solutions for managing their cybersecurity risk, monitoring compliance, and ensuring continuous security. These services reduce the risk of security breaches and help agencies focus on their core missions.
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The State of Zero Trust: Agency Guide to Zero Trust Maturity

Civilian and defense agencies report on their progress and approach to developing and implementing zero trust strategies, along with the benefits and challenges they are facing and the impact this has on their missions.


Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab

At GDIT’s Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab, our cyber professionals, architects, and systems engineers are working with leading technology partners to design and test advanced solutions that enable customers to establish and mature their cyber and zero trust capabilities.

GDIT leveraged this lab to rapidly build a fully functioning prototype of its Identity, Credential, and Access Management solution for the Department of Defense within 45 days. ICAM is a critical pillar of the DoD cybersecurity strategy and its ultimate push to a zero trust architecture. It is in full production following successful completion of the pilot program.

AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider Competency

Splunk Premier-Level Partner and Public Sector Integrator of the Year

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Partner Spotlight

GDIT and IBM: Partners in Cyber Innovation

GDIT and IBM are partnering to deploy joint solutions that promote cloud security, enable cyber threat hunting and incident response, and secure the software supply chain. To support agencies’ zero trust maturity journey, GDIT and IBM offer security teams better visibility and preparedness to proactively detect and respond faster to cyber threats and improve cyber resilience.

Own a career in cybersecurity.

To address the growing cyber threat, the most powerful weapon is GDIT’s people. Own your opportunity and be part of our nation’s first line of defense in the modern age.

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