airman looking at plane
airman looking at plane


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annual course completions supported at U.S. Navy global ships, submarine bases and classrooms
flight simulator hours delivered at the world’s largest military aviation simulation training facility
applicant completions in first cloud-based learning management system for Census 2020
years support to multi-domain training at U.S. Army mission training complex sites

Enterprise learning

We design, implement and evaluate comprehensive end-to-end learning programs, platforms and resources to lower risk, reduce costs and increase value.

Curriculum development and training delivery

Our customized instructional analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation solutions use a tailored mix of 508-compliant delivery models – including instructor-led, virtual, online, video, mobile and blended learning – to improve performance at every level of proficiency.

Live, virtual, constructive and gaming training

We deliver integrated LVC&G training solutions for mission command information systems (MCIS), simulators, joint event life cycle exercises and points of need including risk management framework, cybersecurity and conventional and special operations delivery.

Simulation and virtual technologies

Our immersive learning for highly interactive environments and increases participant engagement through simulation design, development, operations, testing and support of LVC&G training.

IT learning systems

We implement, operate and manage IT learning systems including learning management, training management, learning content management and student information. Our support to collaborative distributed instructional environments focuses on improvement, emerging capabilities and innovation.

Strategy and change

Our dynamic strategies drive operational efficiencies and provide support to a wide range of areas including talent management and leadership development, organizational design and development, change management and stakeholder communications.

Aircraft carrier at sea

Our Stories

VirtualShip®️ Maritime Simulator

VirtualShip®️ is an advanced virtual reality software package trusted by government, commercial, and foreign allied customers. Ready to use out-of-the-box or customizable to meet any specific client need, VirtualShip comes fully loaded with over 300 virtual ships and 100 geographic settings. From full-mission to part-task simulations, agencies like the U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard all look to VirtualShip to meet their critical training needs.

Paratroops in the clouds

Training Expertise

Mission Training Complexes

GDIT is the leading provider of training support services for U.S. Army Mission Training Complexes. Our experience and innovative approach provides the Army with the ability to create complex training environments in support of mission command and multi-domain operations training.

Military helicopter near ground with mountains in the background

Simulation Expertise

Flight School XXI

GDIT is the prime contractor providing simulation services for the U.S. Army Flight School XXI (FSXXI) program. The FSXXI simulation capability provides simulators and training support capabilities to support initial entry level and graduate level rotary wing flight training at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.