High-Performance Computing

Supercomputers built for scientific discovery.

Supercomputers are capable of finding insights from oceans of data, leading to groundbreaking scientific discoveries. GDIT builds high-performance computing (HPC) solutions with the speed, storage and computing power required to solve complex problems.

As a leading systems integrator of HPC, we optimize and maintain environments that empower federal and state agencies to accurately forecast the weather, create climate models and predictions and conduct biomedical research.

years deploying HPC systems
HPC applications supported
HPC environments for NOAA weather and forecasting
in ranking for fastest supercomputer in the world, Cactus and Dogwood, built for NOAA
CPU hours delivered on NIH Biowulf, the world's largest supercomputer dedicated to biomedical research


Broad HPC experience with scalabe, secure, and efficient HPC solutions to lower risk, reduce transition costs and increase value for government agencies.


Delivering support across the procurement life cycle, from development of specifications to vendor solicitation and acceptance testing.


New technology, resources and services are integrated while ensuring stable, interoperable HPC environments, from system acceptance to production.


Custom and flexible support for operations and management and enhancing existing systems with new technology, focusing systems integrity and the client’s mission.


Expertise to help clients supplement HPC skills and technologies, increasing staffing flexibility with advisory services, staff augmentation or full HPC as a Service solutions.

Improving Weather, Climate Forecasting and Research

Critical high-performance computing systems support the NOAA community by providing more accurate weather forecasting and in conducting research and development for environmental science. GDIT built and deployed NOAA’s Cactus and Dogwood HPC systems, ranked 37th and 38th fastest in the world, to provide more accurate weather and climate forecasting for the National Weather Service. And our HPC services and systems integration support 430 PB of user data for weather, seasonal and climate model predictions.

HPC Expertise On-Hand for Advanced Support

The DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) User Productivity Enhancement and Training (PET) initiative supports DoD scientists and engineers by enabling them to take full advantage of available HPC resources through training, collaboration, tools and software development, technology transfer, and outreach. GDIT supports the PET initiative by providing computational experts with experience spanning the full spectrum of HPCMP HPC technology areas, outreach, and training support to encourage HPC skill development for users. Our team is able to apply this experience to DoD challenges, empowering the end-users to leverage PET’s knowledge of HPC best practices.

Supercomputer Upgrade Speeds Biomedical Research

GDIT’s upgrade to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Biowulf, the largest HPC cluster dedicated to biomedical research, led it to be ranked 66th fastest in the world in 2017. Our hardware solution seamlessly integrates with existing hardware and software and our team provides daily administration and program support. Biowulf is also instrumental for research into new treatments for diseases, including coronaviruses.