Expanding the reach of intelligence.

Every day, government agencies face big questions. These questions take big thinking, from both humans and machines.

GDIT applies AI that agencies can trust to automate, secure and enhance their operations to improve the now and shape what AI can do in the future.

We push AI further, expanding human capacity to make better decisions and implement smarter actions, faster. GDIT AI makes what was once impossible, possible.

data scientists, statisticians, data professionals and developers
cleared professionals
years of machine learning/deep learning
years of data management
years of unlocking the power of big data


GDIT AI is expanding the reach of intelligence.

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AI | Government’s Next Frontier Research Study

Our benchmark AI study with insights from more than 30 federal agencies.

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Intelligent Automation

Applying AI that agencies can trust to automate, secure and enhance their operations—from the day-to-day to highly complex initiatives.

Big Data

Helping clients manage large volumes of data to identify critical information and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Machine Learning (ML) + Deep Learning

Using text analytics and machine learning solutions to help intelligence analysts, detect fraud, assess climate change impacts and protect Warfighters.

Data Management

Analyzing, integrating, and storing data with proven management architectures and solutions for over 20 years.

Computer Vision

Leveraging pre-trained detection networks to identify images, reverse image search, identify + generate deep fakes and video indexing.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Delivering a suite of AI based text and identity analytics products to manage large volumes of data to discover critical information. For over 20 years, GDIT has combined NLP with ML to achieve industry-leading accuracy and scalability that evolves with our clients’ mission.

USD identified in medicare payment fraud
USD prevented in income tax fraud
USD detected in USDA fraud
USD returned in actual savings in 2018
decrease in fraudulent activities

Protect Veteran Benefits

Support Vital Cancer Research

Ensure NASDAQ Stock Trade Integrity

Triage Intelligence for Warfighters

Classify Hazardous Spills for the EPA

Correlate Data for IC Analysts