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Unleash possibilities with AI.

Machine Learning

Leverage data science, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to build solutions that help produce intelligence, detect fraud, improve health outcomes, assess climate impacts, and protect warfighters.

Natural Language Processing

Use NLP and deep learning-based large language models to create solutions that discover critical insights, find entities, summarize, and semantically search large volumes of text data.

Computer Vision

Use deep-learning trained image classifiers to identify objects in images, classify objects, reverse image search, and index images and video.

Cognitive Agents

At help desks and contact centers, deliver intelligent support users actually enjoy with conversational AI. Convert conversations into actionable intelligence for knowledge bases, training, service tickets, and more.

Intelligent Automation

Automate repeatable processes by combining AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to automate, secure, and enhance agency operations—from the day-to-day to highly complex initiatives.

Data Management

Create economical, cloud-native data architectures and solutions that govern and share large volumes of distributed data across an agency to turn data into actionable insights.



Built with cloud-native tools, Luna AI integrates machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other advanced capabilities to transform raw data into valuable insights. From intelligence analytics to fraud detection to healthcare analytics, Luna AI is adaptable to your agency’s unique data sets and objectives, unlocking the potential of AI to elevate your mission.

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A survey of artificial intelligence progress and pursuits in the federal government.

The future of the U.S. government hinges on how it addresses AI now. GDIT and Government Business Council conducted a comprehensive research study examining federal sentiments and the progress being made on the implementation of AI.


GDIT AI is expanding the reach of intelligence.

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data scientists, data architects, data engineers, statisticians, and developers
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petabytes of mission critical data under management
data-centric solutions supporting missions across government agencies
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