cityscape with sunset clouds
cityscape with sunset clouds


Transforming civilian agencies.

locations delivered to globally with millions of assets for Department of State
NASA personnel supported at NASA Shared Services Center
FAA facilities upgraded with telecommunications systems
expansion of computing power built for the National Weather Service
airplane in the clouds


Safer skies, from takeoff to touchdown.

We build and maintain the systems that keep our domestic airspace safe. For over 50 years, GDIT has provided solutions to some of the FAA’s biggest challenges. From modernizing IT to mission-critical networks, our aviation expertise is advancing all phases of flight to ensure the more than 1 billion annual U.S. passengers are protected at every step of their journeys.

mountains with forrest


Protecting our changing world.

The greatest resource we have is the world in which we live. GDIT’s technology, scientific expertise and mission solutions are driving environmental and climate change initiatives. For over 40 years, we have partnered with federal agencies to lead research and action in environmental initiatives protecting our changing world.

image of people moving throughout an airport, bodies blurred to show movement

Global Citizen Services

Modern mobility across borders.

The world is changing. Travel is, too. Our Global Citizen Services provides governments with leading-edge services that ensure secure and efficient cross-border travel and trade. With more than two decades of experience, advanced technology capabilities, and our team of experts, we facilitate seamless movement across borders creating the convenient digital experience consumers want, coupled with the rigorous security and compliance governments need.

The sky with a sun flare and stars


Propelling the art of the possible.

At GDIT, we never stop delivering. We combine the latest technology and innovations to deliver enterprise-scale IT systems for a new era of space missions. From the first Moon landing over 50 years ago to the next human spaceflight programs, we’re propelling the art of the possible.


Supercomputing Facility Saves Energy Costs for NASA

At its high-performance computing facility in Silicon Valley, NASA’s Ames Research Center provides world-class processing capabilities that enable researchers to improve air transportation, study the earth’s interconnected systems and explore the moon and Mars.

To house its most powerful supercomputers, GDIT helped the agency design an innovative approach to implement one of the most energy-efficient computing facilities in the world.