GDIT's Emerge Innovation Center
GDIT's Emerge Innovation Center

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Emerge Innovation Center


Emerge Innovation Center

The Emerge Innovation Center (EIC) located at GDIT headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia, is used to develop prototypes and to collaborate with our clients and commercial technology partners.

The EIC is focused on our portfolio of Digital Accelerators and the development of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, cyber, 5G, software development and cloud.

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Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab

At GDIT’s Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab, our cyber professionals, architects, and systems engineers are working with leading technology partners to design and test advanced solutions that enable customers to establish and mature their cyber and zero trust capabilities.

GDIT leveraged this lab to rapidly build a fully functioning prototype of its Identity, Credential, and Access Management solution for the DoD within 45 days. ICAM is a critical pillar of the DoD cybersecurity strategy and its ultimate push to a zero-trust architecture. It is in full production following successful completion of the pilot program.



5G and Advanced Wireless Emerge Lab

GDIT operates a 5G environment for testing and demonstrations of wireless technologies and applications. By bringing together cellular and network technology from across industries, GDIT can simulate customers’ environments and validate solutions in the 5G Emerge Lab before production. Customers can visualize how mobile devices operating on private and public 5G networks can securely connect and protect 5G-enabled devices, data, and applications across the broader enterprise.

GDIT DeepSky Lab


DeepSky Lab

GDIT’s DeepSky lab serves as a proving ground for teams to collaborate with technology and academia partners and develop advanced prototypes and solutions using artificial intelligence and high-performance computing capabilities.

The lab enables software development in the geospatial intelligence community through low-to-high development, allowing systems to be developed in unclassified environments and shifted to the classified space. This development process realizes cost savings for our customers and allows agencies to quickly field thoroughly tested capabilities.

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Homeland Security

Biometrics and Identity Lab

To maintain national security, agencies need to stay ahead of the curve, meeting the evolving demand for identity and credentialing. GDIT’s Biometrics and Identity Emerge Lab designs cloud-native applications leveraging advanced AI and machine learning to analyze traditional and emerging biometrics, including facial, fingerprints, palms, veins, voice, and eyes. These cross-agency integrated capabilities provide full-scale biometric identity vetting and verification solutions enabling intelligence sharing and making travel easier at ports of entry.

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Transform and accelerate your mission.

Modernize to a next-gen digital enterprise, embed resilient cybersecurity, and become data driven, with customizable and rapid-deployment solution platforms and services that meet your unique mission requirements.

Prototyped and proven in GDIT’s Emerge Labs, our solutions and services are developed specifically for federal and defense operating environments from the enterprise to the edge.

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