GDIT Digital Accelerators

Transform and accelerate your mission.

To accelerate digital transformations and enable missions, GDIT offers a portfolio of tailorable digital solutions designed to integrate seamlessly within your existing IT environment. Tap into the benefits of AI, connectivity at the edge, resilient cybersecurity, and cloud, with rapidly deployable solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Prototyped and proven in GDIT’s Emerge Labs, our solutions and services are developed specifically for federal and defense operating environments from the enterprise to the edge.

Tailorable and Ready to Deploy

To accelerate the adoption of new technologies and capabilities, GDIT’s scalable solutions and services are customizable and configurable to your agency’s mission needs and operating environment.

Low Risk Application

GDIT brings a deep understanding of applying commercial technology to highly-secure government IT environments and systems. Customizable GDIT solutions enable our government customers to unlock the value from commercial technology investment and minimize risk.


Optimize your agency’s investment strategies and process with innovative solutions that take on today’s challenges and are ready for the ones coming tomorrow.

Partner Ecosystem

GDIT co-creates secure, innovate solutions and services with trusted commercial technology from our partners.


AI Mission Insights

Built with cloud-native tools, GDIT’s Mission Insights solution rapidly ingests and extracts actionable intelligence from data, text, image, video, and audio to meet intelligence analytics, fraud detection, healthcare analytics, and intelligent search missions. This platform can be applied to different mission data sets by data science and data professionals to derive critical insights.


Zero Trust Accelerator

GDIT’s Zero Trust Accelerator solution brings defined processes, expertise, and cyber technologies, to establish a dynamic security posture – enabling the mission and protecting against current and emerging cyberthreats. Our technology capabilities enhance threat detection with AI; secure hybrid cloud operations; and centralize identity management to enable safer, more secure networks.


AI Ops and IT Automation

GDIT’s AI Ops and IT Automation solution enhances visibility into the performance of IT service operations. The platform provides real-time insights and diagnostics through a single dashboard, and uses IT service management (ITSM), robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to monitor and analyze operational performance. This improved control and visibility translates into cost savings, reduces the risk of service disruption, and improves customer experience.


5G and Edge Accelerator

GDIT develops private 5G physical infrastructure and networks – securely connecting devices at the edge back to the enterprise. To take advantage of the low latency, high speed, high capacity of 5G, GDIT is prototyping applications in augmented and virtual reality, remote telemedicine, military base communications, smart campuses and more.


Hybrid Multi-Cloud

GDIT’s Hybrid Multi-Cloud solution integrates on-premise infrastructure with public cloud environments to simplify the complexities involved in brokerage, governance, automation, and security operations for multi-cloud environments.

As agencies continue to move to the cloud, the ability to leverage legacy on-premise solutions as well as powerful new tools across different cloud service providers is critical for mission agility. The GDIT Hybrid Multi-Cloud solution makes it easy for agencies to tap into innovative cross-platform tools for data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Software Factory

GDIT has supported agencies with the development, testing, and deployment of thousands of applications in classified and non-classified environments. Our proven Software Factory practice is underpinned by continuous integrated security, testing and maintenance, and combines all the resources required to make seamless application development, operation, and continuous innovation a reality for government.

Exploring the art of the possible.

GDIT invests in research and development and a network of Emerge Labs to enable teams to interact, test, and demonstrate the latest emerging technology; collaborate with partners; and prototype advanced solutions.