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GDIT Digital Accelerators

Transform your digital landscape.

Tailorable and Ready to Deploy

To accelerate the adoption of new technologies and capabilities, GDIT’s scalable solutions and services are customizable and configurable to your agency’s mission needs and operating environment.

Low Risk Application

GDIT brings a deep understanding of applying commercial technology to highly-secure government IT environments and systems. Customizable GDIT solutions enable our government customers to unlock the value from commercial technology investment and minimize risk.


Optimize your agency’s investment strategies and process with innovative solutions that take on today’s challenges and are ready for the ones coming tomorrow.

Partner Ecosystem

GDIT co-creates secure, innovate solutions and services with trusted commercial technology from our partners.


Ember Digital Engineering

Through an innovative application of digital modeling and simulation, GDIT Ember Digital Engineering sets a new standard in system design and development. With Ember, better collaborate, see potential outcomes, and make informed decisions before any physical work begins.


Cove AI Operations

Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a comprehensive understanding of an agency’s IT environment, Cove analyzes data from sources, including servers, networks, and applications to identify patterns and anomalies.



Everest Zero Trust

GDIT Everest Zero Trust is a tailorable solution designed to accelerate mission objectives by providing dynamic access to only the data and services where and when they need them, and securely sharing information with mission partners to achieve desired outcomes.

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Eclipse Defensive Cyber

GDIT Eclipse Defensive Cyber provides a comprehensive set of strategies and technologies to defend against the latest cyber threats. Eclipse is designed to provide real-time threat detection, advanced incident response and remediation, automated threat mitigation, and continuous monitoring and reporting.


Luna AI

GDIT Luna AI integrates machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other advanced capabilities to transform raw data into valuable insights. Luna AI is adaptable to your agency’s unique objectives, unlocking the potential of AI to elevate your mission.



Comet 5G

GDIT Comet 5G empowers agencies to securely extend their missions to the edge in real-time and operate with greater efficiency and agility in an era when every fraction of a second counts. GDIT’s field-tested, tailorable, end-to-end solution integrates private 5G networks and edge-native applications to address unique agency challenges and use cases and drive successful mission outcomes.

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Hive Hybrid Multi-Cloud

GDIT Hive Hybrid Multi-Cloud combines the strengths of different cloud providers and your on-premises infrastructure to create a single, unified environment. Optimize your cloud management and automatically choose the right cloud for each workload while maintaining control of your sensitive data.

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Coral Software Factory

GDIT Coral Software Factory enables federal agencies to meet the challenges of digital transformation and bring innovative ideas to life more quickly. With Coral, agencies can create and deliver modern applications and programmable infrastructure to cloud and on-prem environments faster and more efficiently.



Tidal Post-Quantum Cryptography

Are you ready for the quantum future? GDIT’s Tidal Post-Quantum Cryptography solution is designed to help your agency prepare for the next generation of computing, including the potential impacts on cybersecurity. GDIT offers a range of services to assess your quantum readiness and address cryptographic vulnerabilities.

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Exploring the art of the possible.

GDIT invests in research and development and a network of Emerge Labs to enable teams to interact, test, and demonstrate the latest emerging technology; collaborate with partners; and prototype advanced solutions.