Everywhere it matters most.

Agencies require reliable resources, flexible thinking, and the right minds committed to helping them take on the world’s most challenging problems. For over 50 years, we’ve been there. From security to defense, intelligence to health: GDIT brings the resources, expertise, and innovation our clients need to succeed.


Transforming civilian agencies.

We operate across every agency and community, delivering the secure and progressive technology that protects citizens and enhances lives. Protecting systems with cyber, connecting students to financial aid, using AI to keep our skies safe. We are there, providing the technology transformations, people, and services the government needs.


Defense that delivers.

We work with the Department of Defense to keep our nation and our allies always one step ahead. Combining proven strategies and technology innovations, we streamline, connect, and secure even the most complex and critical teams. From technology transformations and IT services to training projects that prepare our forces for the unknown. We are on the ground, behind the scenes, and beside the people that protect us—delivering every time.


Real-life outcomes.

Every day, millions of healthcare professionals rely on critical technologies to save, heal, and enhance the lives of their patients. That’s why we enable healthcare institutions to modernize without compromising: bringing the security, speed, and area expertise they need to continuously deliver.

GDIT prepares health organizations to address new challenges and identify opportunities through the application of technology and services—from making sense of big health data to driving efficiencies through IT to advancing medical research.


Protecting the nation.

Every day, GDIT is helping customs, law enforcement, and transport authorities combat terrorism, respond to natural disasters, and protect the nation. We’re applying biometrics to vet foreign nationals entering the United States, deploying technology that enables intelligence-sharing between agencies, and modernizing critical systems. We combine our experience and technology to make sure today is secure and tomorrow is smarter.


Intelligence in action.

Intelligence underpins the security and safety of our nation. With thousands of cleared personnel, deep mission expertise, and decades of experience, we have the capabilities to meet even the most complex requirements of the Intelligence Community. Our solutions apply the latest technology and provide operational support to deliver actionable intelligence to analysts, warfighters, and policymakers—any time, anywhere, for any mission.


Delivering for every level of government.

We partner with state and local governments across the United States to identify and deliver the right infrastructure, business solutions, and digital-transformation services to meet their goals and better serve their citizens.

  • Assisting supercomputing authorities, IT infrastructure and cloud enablement
  • Providing enterprise Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) and fiscal agent services
  • Delivering agile, scalable, and compliant health-benefit-exchange solutions
  • Developing advanced analytics tools for payment reform and business processes
  • Integrating statewide transportation-management, data-diagnostic, and communication systems


Critical IT for critical weather forecasting.

We provide the advanced IT to turn data into knowledge and enable communications between the ground and sky. At the largest systems integrator of high-performance computing, we enable more accurate weather forecasting, climate modeling and research.