Maximize your quantum advantage.


Tap into GDIT’s expertise in quantum technologies, including post-quantum cryptography. Our consulting services guide agencies through the quantum computing landscape, focusing on the latest in quantum advancements and cryptographic security. We develop strategies aligned with agency missions, ensuring preparedness for quantum transitions and enhanced cybersecurity resilience.

Data Analytics and Optimization

Unlock insights in healthcare, climate modeling, and supply chain optimization. GDIT provides quantum computing capabilities and hybrid technologies to solve increasingly complex problems and analyze large data sets, focusing on optimization, machine learning, and simulation.

Our recent work in advanced image analysis for the intelligence community showcases the practical impact of quantum technology in data-intensive areas.

Partners and Talent Development

GDIT collaborates with leading commercial and public sector partners to stay at the forefront of quantum technology advancements. Our focus is on building strong partnerships that enhance access to the latest quantum resources. Through these collaborations, we design solutions and equip agencies with the expertise needed to harness the power of quantum computing effectively.

Jim Matney


The Quantum Impact on Cyber

Dr. Jim Matney, GDIT Vice President for Defense Strategy, discusses how quantum computing will forever change cybersecurity and GDIT’s Tidal Post-Quantum Cryptography Digital Accelerator.


Quantum technology will revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape by enabling the development of advanced, unbreakable encryption methods, safeguarding critical information and infrastructure against even the most sophisticated cyber threats, and ensuring long-lasting security for agencies in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Image Analysis

Utilize quantum computing for rapid, accurate processing of complex imagery. GDIT is actively supporting the intelligence community to develop quantum-enabled advanced image analysis capabilities to enhance data interpretation and decision making accuracy.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize logistics and supply chain management, resulting in significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

Predictive Analytics

Train and improve the performance of AI models that can quickly analyze and process large data sets, enabling agencies to make more accurate predictions about future trends and events achieve higher levels of accuracy and efficiency, and more effectively analyze and understand large volumes of unstructured data.

Drug Discovery

Simulate and optimize the design of new drugs, speeding up the development process and improving the chances of success.

Climate Modeling

Simulate and analyze complex climate models, providing agencies with more accurate and detailed insights into the impacts of climate change.

Training and Simulation

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of simulations, leading to better decision making and outcomes. Simulate and test complex scenarios for training and preparation in various fields, including military operations, disaster response, and climate modeling.

Quantum innovation ecosystem.