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5G and Next Generation Wireless

Connecting a mobile world, faster and smarter.

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Agency Guide to 5G

What are agencies prioritizing and how can they address challenges to achieve success in 5G adoption? 500 decision makers across civilian, defense, intelligence, and homeland security agencies reported on their use cases, benefits, challenges, and investment plans for private and commercial 5G technologies.

Get actionable insights agency leaders should consider ensuring their organizations are prepared for this next generation communications technology.

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Unleash your agency’s 5G potential.

GDIT has more than 30 years of experience in advanced wireless technology, including 5G. We couple this experience with our leading-edge capabilities in cybersecurity, zero trust, AI/ML, cloud, application services, and enterprise IT to address our customers’ toughest challenges and deliver an innovative, customizable 5G solution.

Scale that Matters

GDIT’s vast experience and community of internal telecommunication and system engineering experts provide customers with trusted and tested technology recommendations. GDIT, as part of General Dynamics and its other subsidiary companies including GDMS, and Land Systems, is among the top 10 global private 4G and private 5G network technology providers by market share.

Agility in a Changing Landscape

Our teams are engineering comprehensive 5G solutions, leveraging our breadth of capabilities to address unique customer use-cases and navigate a changing communications landscape. As an integrator and installer of 5G physical infrastructure, we’re connecting wired and wireless networks and understanding the different spectrum needs associated with doing so, but this is just the beginning. We’re delivering zero trust solutions, securing networks at the edge as the threat surface expands rapidly with the proliferation of mobile devices. AI and machine learning is helping customers process massive amounts of data and make real-time decisions being collected by 5G enabled devices.

Speed. Accelerated.

The low latency, high speed, high capacity of 5G opens the door for better applications in augmented reality, virtual reality, remote telemedicine, flight-line of the future, JADC2, smart campuses, and more. GDIT teams work to develop and deploy solutions designed for this revolutionary new platform – that’s revolutionizing mission delivery.

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5G Emerge Lab

Exploring the 5G art of the possible.

In GDIT’s 5G Emerge Lab, we operate a 5G environment for testing and demonstrations of various technology. The lab is one way we support our customers by convening and training skilled talent, assessing emerging 5G solutions, and working with partners to innovate and rapidly develop new ones.

  • Solution development - Our lab enables us to prototype and prove capabilities in response to customer requirements – meaning we can respond to their needs more quickly, meet their missions faster, and realize the benefits of 5G now
  • Technology demonstrations - Customers can visualize how their enterprise network will securely integrate with 5G technology through custom demonstrations in the lab
  • Functional and integration testing - GDIT tests and compares vendor technology, including end-user devices and applications to ensure they function and integrate securely with unique customer enterprise networks
  • Workforce development - The lab provides a place for GDIT teams to interact with the latest technologies and use that knowledge in support of customers