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Voices of Innovation

The pace of change in technology is exponential. In Voices of Innovation—a podcast presented by GDIT—we bring you into conversations with the thinkers, innovators, and mission experts who are shaping some of the most complex government, defense, and intelligence projects across the country. We explore cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence to quantum computing, that are crucial for leading and accelerating government missions.

3 MIN ReadManaged Services, Digital Modernization

Balancing Cost, Security, and Control in Hybrid Managed Service Models

17 MIN WatchOur Culture

Mental Health is a Business Imperative

soldiers in a room together

3 MIN ReadCyber, Defense, Digital Accelerators, Zero Trust

Building on Zero Trust Firsts

zoom-in image of center of a plant

3 MIN ReadIntelligence, Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking the Power of Intelligence Data with Three Key Strategies

Travis Dawson, Enigma Director, GDIT

4 MIN ReadDigital Accelerators, Defense

Enigma Elevating Digital Command for Space Force

US Air Force plane

33 MIN WatchDefense, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Cyber

Building Resilient Global Supply Chains

aerial view of town

5 MIN WatchArtificial Intelligence, Civil

AI Is Redrawing the Law Enforcement Landscape

GDIT panel discussing AI predictions for 2024

21 MIN WatchArtificial Intelligence

Predicting AI’s Transformative Role in 2024