Emerging Tech Index: Seeds of Change

How do agencies adapt to and implement emerging tech? Be the first to find answers to this and explore the types of technologies transforming government missions in GDIT’s new study.

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4 MIN ReadDefense, Zero Trust, Partner Ecosystem, ICAM

A First-of-its-Kind Zero Trust at the Edge Demonstration


4 MIN ReadCivil, Digital Modernization

Modern Service Delivery, Right in the Palm of Your Hand

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4 MIN ReadDigital Modernization

Emerging Technology Implementation: Turning Roadblocks into Speedbumps

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14 MIN ListenHealth, Data and Analytics, Public Health

Podcast: Data Sharing Advances Public Health

helicopter flying over water

11 MIN WatchCloud, Cyber, Defense, MPE, Zero Trust

Dispatch from Defense One Tech Summit: The Evolution of MPEs

Nisa Moore and Tim Gilday

18 MIN WatchLogistics and Supply Chain

Blockchain: Trust and Security in Supply Chain Management

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3 MIN ReadArtificial Intelligence, Cloud, Defense, MPE, Zero Trust

Capabilities, Solutions and Experience: Essential Elements for Effective DoD Mission IT Support

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50 MIN WatchArtificial Intelligence, Cyber, Data and Analytics, Digital Consulting, Digital Modernization, 5G

Seeds of Change: Leaders React to GDIT’s Emerging Tech Research Study