Elevate your mission in the cloud.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Make applications, databases, and other workloads run better, work harder, and cost less to maintain, while delivering on Cloud First and Cloud Smart guidelines. GDIT automates the discovery, assessment, and migration process to accelerate cloud adoption.

Financial Operations

Unite engineering, finance, and business teams to create an operational, data-driven model for efficient cloud usage that maximizes value and makes you more agile and responsive to changing needs. GDIT optimizes costs, security, and compliance in the cloud, effectively managing multi-cloud infrastructure from a unified view.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Build, test, and deploy new applications or modernize existing ones across your agency’s commercial, private or hybrid clouds. GDIT builds applications to rapidly deploy, elastically scale, and fully leverage modern cloud services like artificial intelligence.

Security from the edge to the cloud.

Provide secure access to your systems while protecting endpoint systems and data, cloud, and on-premise infrastructure with advanced cyber capabilities that detect and block threats in real-time.


Leverage the power of big data.

Deploy AI from enterprise to edge and turn data into impact. GDIT offers AI solutions to rapidly ingest, extract, and apply actionable intelligence from data, text, image, video, and audio, to derive critical insights.


Optimize and modernize.

Combine private and commercial cloud offerings to take advantage of transformative technologies while achieving better cost management. Scale your infrastructure on-demand and access custom and off-the-shelf applications via the cloud.

Digital Modernization
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Multi-Cloud Defense: Redefining the Cyber Playbook

Multi-cloud is a gamechanger. 84% of respondents say successful multi-cloud adoption will strengthen their agency’s overall cybersecurity posture in the long run.

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Bringing Cloud Technology to the Warfighter

Our defense cloud solutions are here today to help defense organizations harness the power of the cloud. Providing the agility, effectiveness and acceleration needed to transform our customers’ missions, our portfolio of cloud solutions is ready to help you face the challenge.

GDIT Cloud

GDIT Cloud is cloud transformations made clear.

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Own a career transforming how government works.

A cloud-services career at GDIT means being an important part of transforming our clients for the modern age. It means challenging and impactful work that ensures the mission is never interrupted. At GDIT, we’re committed to helping our employees accelerate their careers with the same passion as they help agencies accelerate to the cloud.

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