Agency Guide to 5G

What are agencies prioritizing and how can they address challenges to achieve success in 5G adoption? 500 decision makers across civilian, defense, intelligence, and homeland security agencies reported on their use cases, benefits, challenges, and investment plans for private and commercial 5G technologies.

Get actionable insights agency leaders should consider ensuring their organizations are prepared for this next generation communications technology.


Journey to 5G adoption

While in different stages in their journey, nearly 9 in 10 respondents are actively planning, piloting, or have deployed private or commercial 5G capabilities.

Recognizing the benefits and challenges

As a superhighway for data, agencies are most focused on benefits that directly tie to their networks, with more than half citing network speed.

With an expanded attack surface from more remote devices, agencies are concerned about the cybersecurity implications.

Biggest benefits to adopting 5G technology


are looking to 5G for increased network speed.

Challenges when considering implementing or managing 5G


are concerned about budget, followed closely by cybersecurity-related risks.

Building the foundation for emerging 5G use cases

There’s no shortage of use cases for 5G, but many of them are still in their infancy. Connecting devices with networks are the low-hanging fruits, which will give way to more transformative opportunities in the future.

Use case responses were a mixture of networking and connectivity along with mission enabling applications.

5G technology and future mission impact

5G adoption is a multi-year journey, starting with understanding how leaders will use the capability to further their agency missions.

When looking at the next 12 months, 23% of respondents say 5G will be either very impactful or critical to their missions. That number climbs to 69% five years out.


see 5G technology as very impactful or critical in helping their agency meet its mission objectives in the next 5 years.

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Enterprise to the Edge: Agency Guide to 5G

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