Zero Trust Accelerator

Building the zero trust foundation. Faster.

Zero trust is a cyber strategy that will guide the capabilities, processes, and technology investments across federal agencies for years to come, requiring flexibility, dynamic policy definitions, and enforcements. It’s different from customer to customer and even day to day.

GDIT is leading the way in collaborating with government agencies to build and implement zero trust strategies that meet the challenges of their operating environment. Our cross-functional technology capabilities help customers improve visibility, simplify IT management, protect remote workforces, and create streamlined user experiences.

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Agency Guide to Zero Trust Maturity

Civilian and defense agencies report on their progress and approach to developing and implementing zero trust strategies, along with the benefits and challenges they are facing and the impact this has on their missions.

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Zero Trust Transformation

GDIT has developed and defined an effective and efficient zero trust implementation process. As a systems integrator, we actively support customers moving toward a zero trust model. We work with our customers every step of the way – starting with our proprietary Zero Trust Enablement Kit – helping them define their protect surface, map transaction flows, identify the highest value implementation assets, and apply the right set of technologies to enable a holistic adoption of zero trust.

Our team has expertise across every facet of zero trust – from users and devices to networks, environments, applications and workloads; and from data and analytics to automation and orchestration. Additionally, our capabilities across cyber, cloud and AI position us to help customers navigate their shift to zero trust.

Resilience is key.

We build resilient cybersecurity architectures and help customers identify and address risk – wherever it may be. When a system is been breached, the priority is to isolate the attack and prevent lateral movement, which could do even more damage. Our teams compare user behaviors against numerous risk characteristics to approve or deny access to secured materials. These characteristics include time of day, network or physical location, and device to distinguish between normal or potentially malicious access attempts.

Cloud-native security enables zero trust.

Our cloud-native security functions such as secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers, firewalls, complement our zero trust approach. GDIT has integrated cloud native and on-premise solutions to protect end point systems and data, regardless of location. These solutions provide for dynamic, risk-based policy enforcement at machine speed to counter the insider threat, including malicious actors and inadvertent insider threat use cases.

Let cyber professionals do what they do best.

GDIT leverages intelligent automation to help customers automate cyber processes in zero trust, freeing up cyber professionals to focus on advanced threat detection, faster analysis and response, and minimizing human error. Additionally, AI/ML, coupled with real-time monitoring of network activities, helps us determine what’s normal behavior and what’s suspicious -- and restrict access to investigate further at machine speed.

Expertise + Innovation = Maturity

We apply our cyber expertise to solve our customers’ toughest challenges and help them meet the goals of the 2021 cyber executive order and CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model – no matter where they are on their zero trust journeys. We have invested tens of millions of dollars into research and development, testing commercial technologies, and designing and prototyping solutions for customers.

At our Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab, our cyber professionals, architects, and systems engineers are working with leading technology partners to design and test advanced solutions that enable customers to establish and mature their zero trust capabilities.

Customer Zero

We recommend tools and approaches to customers that we’ve tested and proven ourselves. As an example, internally at GDIT, our own CIO team is leveraging a zero trust architecture to evolve the defense of GDIT enterprise networks.

Supply Chain Risk Management

GDIT has broad and deep expertise in supply chain risk management, including the software supply chain. We apply this expertise as part of our zero trust work to ensure rigorous security and authentication at every turn.