Zero Trust Accelerator

Dynamic security that accelerates the mission.

Agency missions and their IT environments are complex with people and technology resources spread globally in many cases. Zero trust brings a dual mission to detect, deter, and defend against a growing variety of cyberattacks threatening agencies’ unique operating environments and ensure users have access to the right data and services they need at the right time.

GDIT offers cross-functional technology zero trust solutions that improve visibility, simplify IT management, protect remote workforces, and create streamlined user experiences with the flexibility needed as missions evolve.

Defend and Protect

Reduce security risks and identify and respond to cyber events. Deploy capabilities that provide network security, endpoint security, security event analysis, credentials management, incident response, security assessment and threat intelligence.

Flexible Integrations

GDIT’s loosely coupled architecture approach provides full zero trust capabilities while easily working with your existing infrastructure investments accelerating the adoption of zero trust.

Enable the Mission

Ensure the right users have the right access to the right resources at the right time.

The State of Zero Trust: Agency Guide to Zero Trust Maturity

Civilian and defense agencies report on their progress and approach to developing and implementing zero trust strategies, along with the benefits and challenges they are facing and the impact this has on their missions.


AI enhanced threat detection.

GDIT deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), behavior-based and signature-less correlations, and cyber threat intelligence to quickly predict where, when, and how cyber-attacks will occur and to block them before they can cause harm. Additionally, GDIT’s security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities in zero trust frees up cyber professionals to focus on advanced threat detection, faster analysis and response, and minimizing human error.

Secure your hybrid cloud operations.

Our cloud-native security functions such as secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers, firewalls, are core elements of our zero trust approach. GDIT has integrated cloud native solutions to protect end point systems and data, regardless of location. When cloud is not feasible or desirable, GDIT established portability of these solution to support on-premises deployments as well. These solutions provide for dynamic, risk-based policy enforcement at machine speed to counter malicious activity from both insider and external threats.

Centralize identity management to enable safer, more secure networks.

As a foundational component to a zero trust strategy, GDIT’s federated identity access management solution enables zero trust at the tactical edge and on the move, improving the end user experience. GDIT provides the premier access management solution through its Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) solution for the Department of Defense.


Expertise and innovation that drive maturity.

We apply our cyber expertise to solve our customers’ toughest challenges and help them meet the goals of the 2021 cyber executive order and other cybersecurity mandates and advance zero trust maturity – no matter where they are on their zero trust journeys.

At our Cyber Emerge Lab, our cyber professionals, architects, and systems engineers are working with leading technology partners to design and test advanced solutions that enable customers to establish and mature zero trust capabilities to securely share mission data and services while providing extensibility to address future cybersecurity challenges.

Own a career in cybersecurity.

Discover how your GDIT career in cybersecurity can protect people in a world of ones and zeros. Own your opportunity and be part of our nation’s first line of defense in the modern age across industries.

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