Securely connect the joint force.

Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) is the premier access management solution for the Department of Defense.

Secure your Success.

GDIT is building a DoD-wide ICAM capability which is one of the foundational components in a zero-trust strategy, tracking user identities across the network and ensuring access is limited to only those who can verify they need it. In traditional cybersecurity models, log-in points at the perimeter are used to secure a network. However, if you can get past that, you have access to everything within the perimeter. Under a zero-trust architecture, ICAM solutions strictly limit access within the network.

Zero-trust is imperative to the success of joint and multi-domain operations. An enterprise-wide ICAM platform is also critical to enable JADC2 by allowing for efficient information flow and collaboration. The ICAM solution will help achieve the Department of Defense's vision of a connected joint force and address the challenge of integrating and monitoring data ingress and egress seamlessly between diverse vendor capabilities.

This solution will harmonize disparate sources of information to bring meaning and confidence to user identity. Our ICAM approach also fields advanced capabilities to authenticate the user, building on DoD's security architecture, while anticipating advances in AI and data analytics. This is enhanced by a self-service, push-button deployment experience that streamlines management of a complex enterprise.



Building the zero trust foundation. Faster.

GDIT is leading the way in collaborating with government agencies to build and implement zero trust strategies that meet the challenges of their operating environment. Our cross-functional technology capabilities help customers improve visibility, simplify IT management, protect remote workforces, and create streamlined user experiences.

Our Approach


Confirms access eligibility across the department leveraging authoritative data source


Supports the warfighter by going across enterprises to validate the user


Resolves application audit findings across the enterprise


Supports the infrastructure of a department-wide approach