Staying ahead of change.

As technology advances, federal agencies and their mission partners need to keep pace with the evolving landscape. GDIT’s Digital Consulting Practice conducts industry research and releases the latest technology insights to help leaders across government make smarter decisions.

GDIT’s Emerge Labs and Centers of Excellence incorporate this research along with experience from more than 4,000 ongoing projects to drive innovation, shape solutions, and address emerging customer challenges.


From Enterprise to Edge: Agency Guide to 5G

500 decision makers across civilian, defense, intelligence, and homeland security agencies reported on their use cases, benefits, challenges, and investment plans for private and commercial 5G technologies.

  • Adoption | 89% of respondents have deployed, are piloting, or are planning to pilot private 5G or MNOs and commercially available services.

  • Benefits | As a superhighway for data, agencies are most focused on benefits that directly tie to their networks, with more than half citing network speed.

  • Challenges | 91% are concerned about budget, followed closely by cybersecurity-related risks.

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Agency Guide to Zero Trust Maturity

Civilian and defense agencies report on their progress and approach to developing and implementing zero trust strategies, along with the benefits and challenges they are facing and the impact this has on their missions.

  • Strategy | 76% say their agency has a formal strategy in place to implement their zero trust approach.

  • Benefits | Agencies are focused on the benefits of zero trust, including simplifying the user experience and reducing the risk of a data breach.

  • Challenges | Upgrading legacy infrastructure and identifying the right technologies are obstacles to their strategies.

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Managed Services: Powering Federal IT

The need for federal agencies to modernize their operations while remaining focused on their missions has prompted increasing attention on the merits of using managed service providers (MSPs).

  • Adoption | 64% are currently using, considering, or planning to use a managed services provider.

  • Benefits | 59% are looking to managed services to reduce their IT costs.

  • Challenges | 55% are concerned about maintaining security, followed by costs and operational control.

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AI: Government’s Next Frontier

AI tools are being used across government to automate many tasks, from identifying risks to preventing cyber attacks, to predicting network system maintenance. This research study examines the pursuits and progress of artificial intelligence adoption in the federal government.

  • Adoption | 43% say AI isn’t even on their agency’s radar.

  • Benefits | 41% think AI can transform their organizations’ internal operations, particularly in analytics.

  • Challenges | 39% believe a lack of trust is holding their agency back from adopting AI.

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Multi-Cloud Defense: Redefining the Cyber Playbook

With 81% of federal agencies using more than one cloud platform, this study explores cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in multi-cloud environments. We catalog current efforts and aspirations to offer federal IT leaders a path to future-proof multi-cloud cybersecurity.

  • Adoption | 91% say securing multi-cloud will be a top priority over the next two years.

  • Benefits | 84% say successful multi-cloud adoption will strengthen their agency’s overall cybersecurity posture in the long run.

  • Challenges | 32% are finding it difficult to meet regulatory requirements.

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