Protecting our changing world.

The greatest resource we have is the world in which we live. GDIT’s technology, scientific expertise and mission solutions are driving environmental and climate change initiatives. For over 40 years, we have partnered with federal agencies to lead research and action in environmental initiatives protecting our changing world.

GDIT scientists, technologists and innovators are moving applications to the cloud, modeling massive data sets in high-performance computing environments and automating routine tasks. Our solutions support our nation’s scientific agencies to ensure the air, water, land and climate are protected now and for generations to come.

years supporting the nation’s environmental and climate missions
scientists, technologists and innovators supporting the EPA
environmental applications moved to the cloud
high-performance computing environments built for NOAA and EPA
increase in computing power for NOAA's National Weather Service


GDIT translates the language of the cloud into the language of the mission. Over 100 applications have been moved to the cloud supporting environmental missions. With over 50 cloud alliances, we offer the power of choice in providers and the latest cloud technologies.

High-Performance Computing

As a leading systems integrator of HPC systems, our broad experience building and operating environments enables federal and state agencies to find answers from massive data sets. We design, deploy and operate HPC systems for critical missions including advanced weather forecasting, atmospheric modeling and research and development.

Applications Services

Building enterprise-scale products requires agility at every stage, not just development. Our user-centric, agile practices delivers custom application services that advance our clients’ environmental missions. Our application services leverage the best solutions from the private sector, tailored to the complex requirements of government.


Automation and robotic process automation offer new opportunities for users to focus on the mission and less on repetitive tasks. Our automation experts empower agencies to successfully launch and execute on the journey to automation. We bring the right tools, processes and partnerships with technology vendors to transform and modernize enterprises.

Professional and Technical Services

GDIT scientists, technologists and mission experts deliver all aspects of the mission to protect natural resources, human health and environment. From training programs to supply chains, technical services to intelligence operations, we execute the best for our agencies with the power of smart strategy and innovation.

Operational Readiness

Natural disasters, climate emergencies and weather emergencies threaten our homes, businesses and communities. GDIT stands by to support agencies including EPA and FEMA with technology and mission support to prepare for these events and respond to emergencies.


A healthy planet is everyone’s mission.

At GDIT, we’re committed to sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact. From a more efficient use of energy and materials to employee education and implementing telework and flexible schedules, our commitment extends across our network of more than 200 facilities.


Modeling impacts of air quality on health with HPC.

Understanding how air quality impacts human health requires the speed and computing power of high-performance computing. Our Air Quality Modeling supports EPA to improve the accuracy and detail of air quality forecasts. Models created by GDIT HPC environments determine the transport of ozone, particulates, acids and toxins to better understand how the quality of the air we breathe affects our health.


Analyzing data to protect and restore the Great Lakes.

GDIT scientists, modelers and statisticians analyze and manage data on the basin ecosystem of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. The tools and applications provided collect the data and make it available to researchers, states and policymakers to protect and restore the Great Lakes, the largest body of freshwater in the world.


Supercomputers power weather and climate forecasts for NOAA.

The weather forecasts we rely on every day to plan and prepare are now even more accurate and reliable, powered by GDIT twin supercomputers for NOAA's National Weather Service. The supercomputers, ranked top 50 fastest in the world, provide three times more computing power for complex, real-time modeling of weather and climate data.