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How Technology is Enabling Climate Change Initiatives

April 24th, 2023


Accelerating Government with ACT-IAC


Learn more about GDIT’s environment and climate change capabilities.

As the federal government is increasing its focus on climate initiatives, it needs technology solutions and collaboration with industry. Darby Chellis Bade, GDIT vice president for EPA programs and climate change growth initiatives, joins ACT-IAC’s Accelerating Government podcast to discuss how technology is enabling the federal government to address climate challenges.

As industry co-chair for the ACT-IAC climate change working group, Darby joins fellow industry and government co-chairs in educating and connecting with the government and industry communities to make a lasting impact to advancing federal climate initiatives.

“There are so many important climate initiatives across the federal government that require focus, attention, collaboration, and coordination,” Darby says. “From water security and greenhouse gas tracking at EPA, to greening the supply chain across all federal agencies, to federal fleet electrification initiatives at TSA. Addressing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from increasingly severe and costly disasters at FEMA. And clean and renewable energy production at DOE. Those are just a handful of so many examples of why it’s so important to get together, to talk about these initiatives, to collaborate on best practices and help push them all forward.”

Technology is absolutely integral to helping government address climate initiatives and support solving climate challenges, from Zero Trust to 5G even quantum computing.

Darby Chellis Bade

Vice President, EPA Programs and Climate Change Growth Initiatives