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Mission AI: Harnessing AI for Operational Impact

June 7th, 2024


Tune in to hear our experts discuss the importance of harnessing AI to increase operational impact.

| 14:23


Learn more about how we use the power of AI to advance missions.

Across federal agencies, teams are leveraging the power of AI to advance their missions at the tactical edge and seeing tremendous potential for even more operational integration of AI in the future. While relatively new to everyone’s conversations, AI has already been deployed for years on mission and producing tangible, measurable benefit – a key factor to enabling AI to gain traction and be operationalized more broadly for mission objectives.

Michael Cole, GDIT chief technology officer for Federal Civilian, discussed how AI is being leveraged successfully on mission now to support an array of critical customer mission across government. In this conversation, he joined three experts from defense, intelligence and health mission areas to discuss their customers’ AI journeys, from ideation to experimentation and implementation, and use cases for future AI adoption.

Stephanie Wood, senior program manager on the Navy Enterprise Service Desk contract, pointed out how the power of AI is really being unleashed within customer organizations as small projects prove successful and then open doors for additional ones.

Michael Jones, geospatial solutions expert, discussed how his customer is using AI/ML to triage volumes of data and using complementary tools like computer vision or natural language process to enable a single analyst to be infinitely more productive.

Andrew Needs, senior manager for fraud analytics, talked about how AI has helped accelerate fraud detection efforts that existed previously but are becoming exponentially more powerful today.