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AI Is Redrawing the Law Enforcement Landscape

January 8th, 2024

GDIT's Sean Cox, director for law enforcement, discusses how AI and emerging technologies can unlock enormous potential for law enforcement agencies to make critical decisions in real time.

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Law enforcement agencies have an enormous amount of data they have to go through on a daily basis just to execute their mission of protecting the American people and staying ahead of the threat. There is a real effort to be proactive to safeguard and secure our country. But to do that, technology like artificial intelligence has to be leveraged - to save on time, save on resources and allow the agency to make really critical decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

In my 20-plus years at the FBI, there was a real need to see things holistically, rather than going from one system to another and another. This view, from a single pane of glass, would allow that key piece of information to be more readily found. AI is a technology that could provide that ability, and paired with the human subject matter expert, would ensure more timely decision-making to support their critical mission.

With the exponential accelerated growth of technology, we need to ensure we’re not implementing technology for technology’s sake. To adopt emerging technology that will grow organically with the agencies as their mission needs evolve. That’s how solutions developed in furtherance of those missions, like GDIT Digital Accelerators, from AI to zero trust and defensive cyber, will advance technology adoption in government.