Modern Mobility Across Borders.

The world is changing. Travel is, too. Our Global Citizen Services provides governments with leading-edge services that ensure secure and efficient cross-border travel and trade.

With more than two decades of experience, advanced technology capabilities, and our team of experts, we facilitate seamless movement across borders creating the convenient digital experience consumers want, coupled with the rigorous security and compliance governments need.

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Our teams are improving cross-border trade and travel via modern, digital platforms. We deliver seamless citizen services in over 50 countries, driving ease of access and enabling dramatic leaps in service quality alongside massive gains in efficiency.


Our cloud-based solutions and platform are laying the foundation for intelligent automated processing and decision making. Cloud services enable governments to quickly and securely exchange information with travelers, enabling travelers and governments alike to make informed decisions, driving seamless travel experiences.


Security is a critical element of creating an operating environment trusted by both government and travelers alike. GDIT cyber capabilities establish an end-to-end secure framework. We implement sound governance, network security, and endpoint security to secure data and combat fraud. We leverage identity management tools and mobile solutions to keep travel safe and secure for everyone.


The latest data analytics techniques model and simulate a range of scenarios – enabling us to intelligently plan our approach. We use predictive analytics, along with data from a common application system to preempt potential problems. This data also helps inform our work, enabling us to quickly resolve issues for individual travelers and government clients.


Around the world and in every industry, organizations are transitioning to digital, customer-centric environments. For cross-border travel, GDIT partners with governments to accelerate adoption of emerging technologies. We deliver global services that are locally tailored to promote ease of access in each location served.


We build and operate systems while also partnering with governments to envision the future of cross-border travel. As agencies move forward in delivering an enhanced customer experience, GDIT is leveraging biometrics and identity management to make travel easier and more secure than it’s ever been.

Facilitating Safe, Seamless and Secure Travel in the Covid Era.

Global travel brings countries tremendous economic value, but also comes with inherent risk. Any time an individual crosses a border, there are national security interests and, as the last nearly two years have shown, public health interests at play.

GDIT is facilitating a new kind of cross-border travel that benefits consumers, businesses, and governments alike. Our scale, breadth and depth of experience, modernization capabilities and a secure environment enables us to deliver GCS enhancements and evolutions that are long overdue.