drone in the sky
drone in the sky

Managed Services

Network Operations Center Increases Reliability for the FAA

UAS registered through FAADroneZone
airports & facilities offering LAANC
servers for operations monitored 24/7/365

Leveraging the GDIT Technology Shared Services (TSS) center, Network Operations Center (NOC) is provided to the FAA for the site, 24/7/365 as a GDIT-managed service on the AWS environment. TSS monitors 15 servers for operations, and in the rare case of an incident, notifies the technical and management teams.

Today, the team is working on enhancements to the system to further improve its up time, because, as one team member put it, you can’t be down and have the public tell you you’re down. The team is also working on things like enabling the site to accept foreign and military credentials when registering.

Our NOC support has expanded to the cloud-based Drone Zone application as well as to another cloud-based system called LAANC, or Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, which is a public website where drone pilots can request waivers that give them access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet.

LAANC data goes directly to facilities, where air traffic professionals approve and acknowledge flight activity happening around their airports, giving them more visibility into operations and ultimately making our airports and our airspaces safer.

The GDIT NOC work gives the FAA confidence and peace of mind that both Drone Zone and LAANC, two public-facing sites, are operational and working as they should. Additionally, today the LAANC is being shared in control towers at airports, giving air traffic controllers even more information about how to keep the skies safe for everyone.