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Cisco and GDIT have reinvented how agencies access the networks and cloud-based services necessary to get the job done.

With nearly 300 Cisco-certified experts, we connect intelligence, defense, and civilian clients across the country. And the globe. Our enterprise-scale infrastructure solutions help government meet the growing demand for unified communications, cloud computing, virtualization, and software-defined networks. We don’t just modernize our clients, we transform them. Facilitating a mobile workforce, defending against ever-changing security threats, and connecting information to the applications and people who need it, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Unified Communications (UC)

Enabling collaboration across any workspace, we offer a secure, unified view of communications—anywhere, anytime, for media of any kind.

Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

We allow improved networking path control for optimizing application performance while simplifying operations and improving the performance of the underlying network hardware.

Data Center Convergence

Eliminating the need for outdated infrastructure and maintenance requirements, Cisco’s Unified Fabric consolidates multi-protocol storage and LAN traffic onto a single, scalable network.

GDIT Alliance Manager

Christiane Rhodes