Google for Government



GDIT and Google are enabling the federal government with operational efficiencies and customer centric solutions. As a Google Premier Partner since 2018, GDIT has designed and implemented solutions leveraging the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) across multiple federal agencies to drive better mission outcomes.



GDIT integrates Dialogflow with call center and agency systems to provide next generation call center operational support. Leveraging the Google Virtual Agent, GDIT is able to easily integrate with the federal agencies’ existing systems to provide voice, text/chat and FAQ support. With the ability to answer questions about ticket status, create new tickets, as well as answer questions, the Google Virtual Agent is created to absorb and deflect the most popular agent requests. The Contact Center AI (CCAI) also performs customer conversation analysis assisting in AI learning and scenario creation and sentiment analysis for enhanced call experience.


GDIT leverages GCP and cloud native services like BigQuery a cloud-based data warehouse and mining solution, enabling agencies to analyze and visualize large data sets in real-time. This helps federal agencies improve operations, predict outcomes, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions, without the need for complex infrastructure.