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Agile Development and Services

Coral enables agility. Built on Agile delivery principles, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration for continuous delivery, frequent feedback, welcoming change, and close collaboration between development and mission owners, Agile and DevOps coaches support faster delivery with more positive outcomes.


GDIT seamlessly integrates DevSecOps practices, allowing for continuous integration, testing, and deployment of software and infrastructure as code, while also incorporating end-to-end security measures to protect data and systems. This continuous security approach includes alignment with industry standards on cyber hardening of the software supply chain, zero trust, proactive monitoring, and threat detection.

Automation and AI-Assisted Development

GDIT delivers automation and AI to streamline processes and improve efficiency. This includes automating repetitive tasks, such as testing and deployment, as well as using AI to identify and resolve code quality and security issues.

Migration and Modernization

To help federal agencies migrate their legacy systems to the cloud and leverage cloud and container-native technologies, GDIT uses proven Agile and DevSecOps methodologies to ensure a smooth transition.

Reduced Time to Market

The continuous integration and delivery capabilities and automation and collaboration tools of GDIT’s Coral Software Factory help to reduce the time it takes for the agency to bring new products or services to market.

Improved Quality

Following best practices and standards, quality assurance tools ensure that code meets agency standards and requirements, improving the overall quality of projects.


Designed to scale with the growing needs of agencies, GDIT’s Coral Software Factory can handle large amounts of data and can easily accommodate changes in user requirements. Scale your enterprise with infrastructure as code managed through a software factory approach.

Software Supply Chain Security and Integrity

To protect against potential vulnerabilities and attacks, Coral ensures that all components and dependencies used in the software development process are secure and verified through a rigorous testing process with digital signatures and validation of software provenance.

Collaboration and Innovation

Innovation is a cornerstone to a Software Factory. Coral serves as a learning engine of experimentation and discovery for teams to collaborate and solve problems together.

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Transform and Accelerate Your Mission

To accelerate digital transformations and enable missions, GDIT offers a portfolio of tailorable digital solutions designed to integrate seamlessly within your existing IT environment. Tap into the benefits of AI, connectivity at the edge, resilient cybersecurity, and cloud, with rapidly deployable solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Experience Where It Counts

GDIT supports some of the most complex and sensitive government, defense, and intelligence projects at the highest security levels.

More than 3,000 application services professionals manage over 180 active software development projects.

Digital Consulting

GDIT’s Digital Consulting Practice partners with teams and customers across more than 4,000 projects, applying expertise in the latest technologies to accelerate digital modernization. From AI and analytics to cyber, cloud, and software development, our teams design and deliver the solutions that keep our nation at the leading edge.

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Agile & SAFe certifications

Scaled Agile Gold Partner

AWS Migration Competency and DevSecOps Competencies

CMMI-DEV Levels 3 and 4