Hive Hybrid Multi-Cloud

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Design and Implementation

GDIT consultants provide end-to-end support for a smooth transition to multi-cloud infrastructure. Our experts analyze your current infrastructure, identify pain points, and design a custom hybrid multi-cloud architecture.

Management, Automation and Orchestration

Automate infrastructure management with code, version control, and automated testing. GDIT automates resource provisioning and workflow management across hybrid multi-cloud environments for faster development, increased productivity, and reduced cost.

Migration and Integration

For easy deployment of new applications and services, GDIT Hive provides seamless migration and integration services.

Security and Compliance

GDIT Hive includes ongoing monitoring and optimization for security and compliance. Regular performance monitoring, resource utilization analysis, and cost optimization are included.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

GDIT Hive is adapted to unique agency requirements for data and resource protection.

Increased Agility and Flexibility

Choose preferred cloud providers or on-prem infrastructure for each workload. Scale up or down as needed using multiple cloud providers.

Improved Data Security and Privacy

Take advantage of GDIT's centralized management and security monitoring, your on-prem infrastructure, and cloud providers, for layered protection of sensitive and classified data and applications.

Better Cost Control and Optimization

GDIT Hive utilizes FinOps capabilities to optimize IT infrastructure and resources controlling costs, enabling data-driven spending decisions, and delivering enhanced reporting.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Hive ensures high performance and availability by leveraging on-prem and multiple cloud platforms to reduce downtime risk and improve performance by distributing workloads across multiple environments.

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Transform and Accelerate Your Mission

Tap into the benefits of AI, connectivity at the edge, resilient cybersecurity, and cloud, with rapidly deployable solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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Experience Where It Counts

GDIT supports some of the most complex and sensitive government, defense, and intelligence cloud projects at the highest security levels.

More than 90 government agencies across the US government have partnered with GDIT to deliver transformative cloud modernizations, leveraging public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Digital Consulting

GDIT’s Digital Consulting Practice partners with teams and customers across more than 4,000 projects, applying expertise in the latest technologies to accelerate digital modernization. From AI and analytics to cyber, cloud, and software development, our teams design and deliver the solutions that keep our nation at the leading edge.