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Tidal Post-Quantum Cryptography

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Stay ahead of the quantum threat. Together, we’ll develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your mission objectives, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the quantum future. This strategy will encompass quantum-safe cybersecurity measures, including quantum-resistant encryption algorithms, and training and awareness programs to ensure your agency remains at the forefront of quantum readiness.

Discovery and Assessment

Dive deep into your current quantum landscape. GDIT conducts a thorough assessment to gauge your agency’s present quantum-resilient cybersecurity posture. We will quantify your post-quantum cryptography risks and establish a near-term quantum readiness roadmap tailored to your agency’s needs.


Transition with confidence. GDIT assists agencies in implementing quantum-safe solutions that protect against potential quantum threats, deploying quantum-resistant encryption algorithms, introducing both physical and virtual security measures, and formulating strategies to counteract quantum cyber threats.


Maintain quantum resilience and manage cryptography at scale. Through regular assessments and audits, we pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities and suggest improvements. With our capabilities, your agency will be equipped to track, respond to, and manage any security incidents, ensuring that you remain future-ready as the quantum threat evolves.

Increased Security and Resilience for Data and Critical Infrastructure

Fortify your sensitive data and critical systems against the rising quantum threat, ensuring the utmost protection in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Bolster your agency's ability to recover and adapt to advanced cyber threats with GDIT's post-quantum cryptography solution, empowering you to maintain continuity of operations and service delivery.

Compliance With OMB, NIST and Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act

Adhere to established guidelines and regulations, providing your agency with a compliant and trusted approach to quantum-resistant cryptography.

Prepare Your Agency for a Quantum Future

Investing in quantum safe cyber capabilities now will enable your agency to harness the potential of other emerging quantum technologies as new use cases become a reality.

Enhanced Planning

By implementing GDIT's post-quantum cryptography solution, your agency can optimize resource allocation, focusing on areas where enhanced security measures will have the greatest impact.

Proactively addressing quantum threats reduces the financial burden of potential breaches and security incidents, saving your agency valuable resources in the long run.

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Transform and Accelerate Your Mission

Tap into the benefits of AI, connectivity at the edge, resilient cybersecurity, and cloud, with rapidly deployable solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Experience Where It Counts

GDIT supports some of the most complex and sensitive government, defense, and intelligence projects at the highest security levels.

We understand the vital importance of your mission and how to deploy secure, dynamic, and resilient cyber capabilities as a force multiplier to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Digital Consulting

GDIT’s Digital Consulting Practice partners with teams and customers across more than 4,000 projects, applying expertise in the latest technologies to accelerate digital modernization. From AI and analytics to cyber, cloud, and software development, our teams design and deliver the solutions that keep our nation at the leading edge.