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A new era for CHS-6 is here, combining supply chain experience from across General Dynamics with the power of technology.

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Supply chain management

We bring 50+ years’ experience providing some of the largest scale supply chain management solutions for the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

  • Identify and mitigate risks through strategic processes, collaboration and innovation
  • Secure warehouses worldwide have the capacity to manage high volumes and commonly used long-term assets
  • Timely distribution of resources to locations worldwide, including to high-risk areas

Strategic partner relationships

GDIT partners with leading commercial technology companies to drive innovation.

  • Together we deliver responsive, flexible, solutions that reduce lifecycle costs and enhance interoperability
  • Our portfolio of partners has been curated to meet the diverse needs of the Army customer across shipping, logistics, technology, small businesses and direct OEMs

Commercial IT solutions

We address emerging threats and gaps in supply chain risk by delivering reliable, and sustainable commercial technology.

  • We streamline the procurement of commercial IT solutions to meet programs’ cost, schedule, and performance requirements and provide common hardware configurations that enable unified network operations
  • Our commercial expertise lowers performance risk, expedites delivery, reduces lifecycle costs, and improves user experience

User experience

A modernized purchasing process and a seamless delivery experience from start to finish.

  • Through commercial technology, our platform provides real-time insights through a single dashboard, powered by advanced analytics
  • This visibility translates to informed decision making, faster transaction speed, lower costs, and improved system interoperability.
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Department of State Global Supply Chain

GDIT provides comprehensive supply chain management for critical Department of State programs across the globe. From advanced procurement and supply chain processes to worldwide transportation and warehousing infrastructure, we deliver for 350+ embassies and high threat posts worldwide.

locations supported worldwide
sensitive assets shipped
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days shipping average to high threat locations

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