Innovative Technology Delivery Models​

Developing new strategies for success.

For more than 50 years, GDIT has been committed to taking our clients’ missions to the next level. And once more we’re raising the bar with our Innovative Technology Delivery Models: offering our clients highly-skilled, cleared talent in cost-effective regions of the United States. We leverage the technology experts within our state-of-the-art Integrated Technology Centers (ITCs) to deliver strategies for success at mitigated costs.

Service Offerings


All our Innovative Technology Delivery Models come with powerful, end-to-end support and system management of their cloud environments, 24/7. From onboarding guidance to cost- and lifecycle care, we offer complete account management: providing our clients with the detailed billing reports, analyses, and services they need to maximize their cloud investments. From AWS and Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud and beyond.


We never stop protecting our clients’ networks and devices. Our experts work round the clock to monitor, detect, and resolve all security threats—with powerful SEIM tools that help us pinpoint indicators and artifacts to determine active-status and scope.

Application Services

Our Innovative Technology Delivery Models combine game-changing solution design, software, and both functional and performance testing automation for agile, expedited product delivery. We make the end-user experience our priority, ensuring agencies have instant access to their data.

Customer Engagement Services

We maintain our high customer satisfaction with skilled service-desk operations acting as a single point of contact for all incidents and information requests. We believe in minimal business impacts—that’s why we prioritize first-call resolution, with FedRAMP-approved automated call routing to agents based on specialization and skill. Leveraging data, forecasting, scheduling, and quality monitoring, we provide 24/7 multi-tenant support to offer our clients the value and efficiency that consistently exceeds service levels.

ServiceNow Services

Our Innovative Technology Delivery Models offer access to a multi-tenant hybrid ecosystem and the high-value SaaS solutions we tailor to meet our clients’ unique needs: from platforms to security to cost. Scaled for growth, we provide the solutions today’s agencies need to accelerate time to value.

Managed Services

We offer custom managed-service solutions that scale to meet the evolving needs of government. Along with 50 years of expertise, we leverage our workforce, technology, tools, and facilities to help our clients increase efficiency and drive value.

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Louisiana Partnership

A critical part of GDIT’s Innovative Technology Delivery Models is our ITC located in the National Cyber Research Park of Louisiana’s Technology Corridor. The state-of-the-art facility adheres to the strictest federal anti-terrorism protection standards, built from the ground up with the ability to accommodate future SCIF space already anticipated. Nearly one-third of our cleared, highly-skilled workforce is made up of veterans. Our partnership with the state and local governments means improved workforce capabilities, technological innovations, and service-delivery models that benefit everyone.

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