The future of cloud-based collaboration.

Embrace the power of DEOS.

Cloud adoption and access to information have become increasingly important in today’s age, and with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Digital Modernization Strategy outlining the need for essential updates and improvements, the need for a collaborative solution is apparent. Within the DoD, there have been countless contracts across multiple agencies, which adds to the complexity, management and cost of collaboration tools.

The DEOS contract marks the beginning of a new age of secure, cloud-based collaboration by covering the delivery, integration and support of Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite, Microsoft Office 365.

By providing evergreen commercial cloud services that unify existing capabilities and replace outdated on-premise IT services, the DEOS Impact Level 5 cloud solution will offer a one-stop shop for cloud-based collaboration in the DoD. Currently for DISA, the DEOS solution provides support to the Fourth Estate and Combatant Commands with numerous collaboration tools, allowing agencies to manage cloud adoption efficiently and effectively within the cloud ecosystem.

DEOS Capabilities Chart


Department-wide and cross-tenant collaboration capabilities


DISA Security Guideline enforcement through "policy as code"
DISA Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) integration


Users can easily move between environments


Global access independent of platform and transport access

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