GDIT Cyber Stack

Adapt and Defend with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation

GDIT delivers cyber capabilities that offer protection today, while outthinking the threats of tomorrow. The GDIT Cyber Stack is our comprehensive ecosystem of cyber capabilities, leveraging autonomous cyber and enabling zero trust to mature your agency’s cyber operations.

Agencies face a number of cyber challenges including increased complexity in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, an overwhelming amount of available and legacy cyber tools, a lack of common integration standards across capabilities and a growing number of incidents. The GDIT Cyber Stack is a comprehensive modular ecosystem of cybersecurity capabilities that maps to the Department of Defense’s Secure Cloud Computing Architecture and the Department of Homeland Security’s Trusted Internet Connection 3.0 architectures. The GDIT Cyber Stack enables Zero Trust Strategy, provides enhanced visibility and situational awareness, and leverages cloud-enabled cybersecurity to deliver autonomous cyber detection and response capabilities. Secure your mission with the GDIT Cyber Stack.

The GDIT Cyber Stack explained.

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Network Security - Network security provides IDS/IPS, web application and traditional firewall protection.

Reverse Proxy - Provides web application traffic inspection, and load balancing.

Full Packet Capture - Capture and store network traffic to facilitate threat detection and incident response

Break and Inspect - Break and inspect encrypted network traffic

Logging, Event Management, and Security Analysis - Security event collection, storage, and analysis

Endpoint Protection - Provides data, and operating system threat protection

Vulnerability Scanning - Centralized vulnerability scanning, reporting, and trending

Incident Response - Built-in incident response tools to assist with incident response and forensic

IdAM - Provide a common identity, unified access to applications, and data protection

Orchestration / SOAR - Automated security event, case management, and reporting

Enabling Zero Trust & Collaboration - Enabling for identity and device authentication and perimeter protection & cyber operator collaboratio

Container Security - Protection for Hosts, Containers, and Serverless application protection

Cybersecurity Modernization

  • Built to protect against today and tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats
  • Leverages “signatureless” AI/MI capabilities to deliver advanced detection
  • Enables Zero Trust Architecture for Users, Devices and Data Access (SP 800-207)

Cybersecurity Automation

  • Reduces incident response times to near zero
  • Allows cybersecurity staff to focus on advanced threat detection

Cybersecurity Orchestration

  • Enables cybersecurity capabilities to work together to provide a holistic defense
  • Reduces time to resolve incidents through automation of defenses.
  • Supports automation leveraging Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response technologies and the Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense framework

Cloud Integration

  • Provides visibility into cloud and on-premise environments
  • Monitoring of cloud infrastructure
  • Native integration with AWS, Azure, and GCP services


Building the zero trust foundation. Faster.

GDIT is leading the way in collaborating with government agencies to build and implement zero trust strategies that meet the challenges of their operating environment. Our cross-functional technology capabilities help customers improve visibility, simplify IT management, protect remote workforces, and create streamlined user experiences.