Data and Analytics

Taking analytics to new depths.

We see patterns where others see noise. For over 20 years, GDIT has delivered the services and solutions that help clients turn data into decisions. Our advanced tools facilitate the management of big data challenges, bringing strategic insights for successful outcomes.


From the ground to the cloud, we build and operate the analytics systems our clients need, at the scale they require. Open-source software. Cloud-hosted services. Commercial big-data stacks. We have the architecture, methods, and analytics tools that make change real.

Data Science + Artificial Intelligence

We bring automated solutions that help our clients solve their most vital missions ranging from healthcare, to space exploration, to environment analysis, to intelligence and national-security concerns. From preventing fraud to identifying cyber threats, we enable agencies to make critical decisions, better and faster.

Enterprise Data Management

Define, discover, land, integrate, govern, and consume. We provide accelerated data-management services built on cloud-native, COTS, and Open-Source data platforms. With on-demand auto-scaling without user downtime, we deliver cost-effective solutions that have the power to transform.

Data Warehousing + Modern Business Intelligence

We do business, smarter. Our deep understanding of critical decision-making trends allows us to help our clients focus on the mission. Our modern solutions put self-service data preparation, data visualization, and data analysis into more hands: democratizing data and greatly reducing the time from data acquisition to decision-making. We build solutions that make big decisions data-driven.