Commitment to Ethics

Ethical business practices is a hallmark of GDIT. We apply the highest standards of ethics and integrity in everything we do. We comply with the laws of every place we do business and provide all our employees with a professional work environment. Our employees in turn recognize the crucial role they play in upholding our reputation for excellence. We provide all our employees the tools and resources they need to succeed, like 24/7 support and mandatory trainings to uphold our high standards.

Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct: Our Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct employee handbook, commonly known as the "Blue Book," sets out our expectation that all employees conduct business in accordance with the law, our policies, our values, and our business ethics principles. We encourage our employees to follow its guidance as they make day-to-day decisions. We also expect our suppliers, vendors, contractors, and joint-venture partners to develop ethics and compliance programs consistent with our own.

Ethics Helpline: To reinforce our ethics program with resources and tools, our Ethics Helpline is available at all times in numerous languages. We investigate and resolve all matters promptly, discreetly, and professionally. We strictly prohibit retaliation against anyone who raises an ethics or compliance issue in good faith. Visit the Ethics Helpline Website to view the Blue Book and for additional information about reporting ethics concerns and to access other ethics resources.