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Your quest for an internship with meaning is here. Own it at GDIT.

The work we do at GDIT is critical to the safety and security of our nation. By interning at GDIT, you’ll be exposed to real-world challenges and make an impact on meaningful projects. Explore the many paths of opportunity available for you through the GDIT Internship program.

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About the Program

GDIT Summer Internship Program is a 10-week internship experience that provides meaningful, high-impact, interconnected experiences that build a pipeline of early career talent who are engaged and ready to launch their careers with GDIT. The program also provides an opportunity to gain real life work experience while developing career competencies and critical thinking skills.

The Courage to Own It

Make it your own by embracing accountability, seizing opportunity, and delivering your best every day.

Critical Thinking with a Learner Mindset

Translate your academic experience into real business context by questioning, applying, reflecting and trying again.

Leading from Where You Are Today

Lead from where they are by the way you project your thoughts, mindfully connect, and respond to others.

Resilience in a Dynamic Work Environment

Exercise resiliency by growing through challenges, remaining optimistic and persisting forward even when faced with setbacks.

Your Authentic Personal Brand

Take commends of your personal brand by assessing how you approach your day, show up, and communicate.

Program Benefits

In addition to the experience you’ll gain from working on real-world projects, networking with leaders, and participating in professional development activities, you can also look forward to:

  • Competitive pay and 401(k) eligibility to help you invest in your future
  • Access to online learning with thousands of courses, books, podcasts, and the opportunity to earn certifications
  • Employee Resources Groups (ERG’s) to help you integrate into our company’s inclusive culture and get involved in the community

2020 GDIT Interns

Hear from our 2020 interns about how they owned their opportunity at GDIT.

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Own Your Opportunity

We offer internship opportunities for Spring and Summer.

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