Shadows of soldiers and helicopters in mountains.
Shadows of soldiers and helicopters in mountains.


Making military health our mission.

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GDIT provides multi-disciplinary support to a number of military health programs across to Department of Defense. Our biomedical and clinical professionals are performing innovative research for high impact initiatives to protect our service members and their families both domestic and abroad.

Research and Development

Our researchers and healthcare professionals at the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center treat and track more than 8,500 TBI patients a year to measure the impact of care on long term health and occupational outcomes. Conducting 72 different clinical research studies, to include a 15-year congressional directed study, adds to the body of TBI knowledge used by our experts to educate political leaders, caregivers, clinicians, and the general public about the impact of TBI and advances in TBI care for service members, veterans and their families.

  • Our clinical research nurses and coordinators, protocol developers and research associates in the naval medical research and hospital space make a direct impact on the medical care of veterans, service members, and their families.
  • Our biomedical technicians work in high containment laboratories to develop, test and evaluate vaccines and therapeutics against pathogens of military importance.
  • Interested in the enforcement of medical research protocols? Our scientists support the Human Subject Protection program’s mission to provide oversight of medical research and development to ensure protocols involving human subjects and cadavers are met.
  • Interested in supporting biomedical research of military importance? Our work with the Department of Army and Navy supports the development of medical countermeasures for high consequence diseases.
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Epidemiology and Biosurveillance

Interested in conducting public health surveillance to protect the health of those who serve our nation? Our epidemiologists and biosurveillance scientists collect, analyze and interpret health surveillance data globally to track infectious disease outbreaks and other disease that can impact our service members.

Operations and Support

Looking to make a difference on the operational or support side? Our work with the Department of Army supports the development and delivery of medical capabilities to protect, treat, and sustain the health of our military service members. Open positions include administrative/executive assistants, finance analysts, product managers, help desk support, system administrators and engineers.

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