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How can an organization confidently capture its requirements while keeping pace with emerging technologies? How can it swiftly refine capabilities and continuously stay ahead of threats?

Enter Digital Engineering.

An effective DE solution includes three essential elements: model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to drive strategy, navigable relationships for traceable data management and information exchange throughout the lifecycle, and automated deployments of Authoritative Sources of Truth (ASOTs).


Navigable Relationships (NavRel)


Leveraging Expertise to Accelerate Results

GDIT’s Digital Engineering solution is a revolutionary, model-driven solution that optimizes “what if” engineering cycles and critical decision-making. The DE framework was created by a team of experts leveraging agile frameworks, DevSecOps, integration, and operations to deliver cross-functional value to all users, not just engineers. Role-based training enables all users to unlock DE’s capabilities.

Agile Framework




From an operational perspective, Digital Engineering solutions are important because it is an environment of cross-functional collaboration, with customizable workflows and dashboards, where users can access the data they need, when they need it. Because it is cloud-agnostic, scalable, and adaptable, GDIT's Digital Engineering solutions offer the flexibility of programmable infrastructure and the financial efficiency of an agile environment.


GDIT’s approach to customer training encompasses continuous feedback and stakeholder engagement in the design and development of any specialized Digital Engineering training solutions to prepare every user to maximize DE.

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