Propelling the art of the possible.

At GDIT, we never stop delivering. We combine the latest technology and innovations to deliver enterprise-scale IT systems for a new era of space missions.

From the first Moon landing over 50 years ago to the next human spaceflight programs, we’re propelling space missions forward.

The first live broadcast from the Moon
years delivering space missions
space missions for NASA and the U.S. military
personnel supported at the NASA Shared Services Center

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GDIT Propelling the Art of the Possible

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Digital Modernization

GDIT accelerates the modernization of legacy environments and deploys advanced digital ecosystems. We automate routine processes and increase cost savings and efficiency. From networks to data centers and high-performance computing, we modernize the entire IT enterprise to power agency missions.


GDIT Cyber secures today, embedding resilient cyber solutions into every aspect of the mission. And we prepare for tomorrow, deploying new technology and partnerships to anticipate and preempt future risks. By proactively protecting, instantly responding and constantly evolving, GDIT makes today secure and tomorrow smarter.

Shared Services

Together NASA and GDIT established and manage the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) at NASA’s Stennis Space Center serving 80,000 personnel. Over 60 independent services across the agency were consolidated while driving cost savings and efficiencies through innovations including intelligent automation and robotic process automation.

Artificial Intelligence

GDIT AI makes what was once impossible possible. We use AI to expand human capacity through machine learning algorithms that learn from labeled data to automate tasks; natural language processing for entity extraction and semantic tagging; text analytics for sentiment analysis and clustering; data mining to find hidden relationships and deep learning.

Data Analytics

We turn data into decisions, facilitating the management and interpretation of mountains of data. Through predictive analytics, we build models that forecast and classify outcomes. Our tools reveal actionable intelligence from the noise of raw data to identify relationships and anomalies.

Satellite Ground Systems

General Dynamics is a leading provider of satellite ground system solutions, building and upgrading systems that receive and route communications from Earth to satellites and spacecraft. We provide full spectrum satellite ground communications products including antennas, telescopes, controls, amplifiers, converters, and feeds.