Person in physical therapy.
Person in physical therapy.


Technology that cares for our nation’s veterans.

VA personnel provided IT support nationwide
deck logs extracted to support disability benefits for Blue Water Navy
veteran files converted to digital
applications for VA pension benefits processed in 2020
disability claims processed by automation
image shows doctor talking to patient
image shows a nurse helping someone stand with crutches
Mountain side with a blue sky
looking up to sky and buildings.
image shows man entering a MRI scan
group of doctors talking around a tablet

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Enterprise Service Desk Provides Critical IT Support to Veterans Affairs

Every day, more than 500 GDIT employees answer the call for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), providing on-demand, 24/7/365 IT support to more than 500,000 VA personnel and contractors nationwide.

Diversity that drives innovation.

At GDIT, we create inclusive environments where people of all abilities can thrive and enrich our culture. Meet our people owning it.

Our Honor employee resource group is a community for our active duty military, veterans and their families to build relationships, share experiences and grow together.