Space and Weather

Propelling the art of the possible.

Data is central to discovering and expanding what we know about our world and beyond. We provide the advanced IT to turn that data into knowledge and enable communications between the ground and space. From the first Moon landing over 50 years ago to the next human spaceflight programs, we’re propelling space and weather missions forward.

The first live broadcast from the Moon
years delivering space missions
High-performance computing environments for NOAA weather forecasting and research
space missions for NASA and the U.S. military
16.4-meter antennas built and four 9.1-meter antennas modified for NOAA’s weather satellites

High-Performance Computing

Supercomputers process massive data sets and find answers to the most demanding computational problems. GDIT is a leading systems integrator of HPC systems with broad experience in large-scale supercomputers. We design, deploy and operate HPC systems for critical missions, including advanced weather forecasting and research and development.

Data Science

We turn data into decisions, facilitating the management and interpretation of mountains of data. Through predictive analytics, we build models that forecast and classify outcomes. Our tools reveal actionable intelligence from the noise of raw data to identify relationships and anomalies

Satellite Ground Systems

General Dynamics is a leading provider of satellite ground system solutions, building and upgrading systems that receive and route communications from Earth to satellites and spacecraft. We provide full spectrum satellite ground communications products including antennas, telescopes, controls, amplifiers, converters, and feeds.

Artificial Intelligence

GDIT AI makes what was once impossible possible. We use AI to expand human capacity through machine learning algorithms that learn from labeled data to automate tasks; natural language processing for entity extraction and semantic tagging; text analytics for sentiment analysis and clustering; data mining to find hidden relationships and deep learning.


GDIT translates the language of the cloud into the language of the mission. With over 50 cloud alliances, we offer the power of choice in providers and the latest cloud technologies in automation and security for workloads ranging from traditional compute to complex scientific models running on HPC-in-the-cloud environments.

Operations and Maintenance

We have the experience and expertise in operating large-scale enterprise processes that reduce risk and costs for mission-critical infrastructure. Our end-to-end capabilities support operation, maintenance and sustainment of systems while incorporating the latest technologies.

High-Performance Computing

Enhancing weather forecasting.

We’re designing and deploying supercomputers for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that will enable more accurate and longer range weather forecasting and climate modeling. An increase in computing power of 200 percent will support the National Weather Service in their mission to protect life and property.

Next-Gen Satellite Communication

Worldwide Communications for U.S. Forces

The Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) is the U.S. Navy’s next-generation satellite communications system, connecting U.S. forces anytime, anywhere. General Dynamics leads the deployment of the MUOS ground system, including four ground stations facilities positioned around the globe assisting in the management and operation of the orbiting satellites.

High-Performance Computing

Improving Weather and Climate Research

Critical high-performance computing systems support the NOAA community in conducting research and development for environmental science. GDIT HPC services and systems integration support 430 PB of user data for weather, seasonal and climate model predictions, and we optimize workloads for on-premise and cloud-based HPC solutions.