GDIT Terms of Use Policy

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE TO USERS -- The GDIT computer system and network (“GDIT Network”) is provided by GDIT for business use. All information and data contained in the GDIT Network, including electronic messages, is and remains the property of GDIT (except to the extent otherwise owned by a third party)., THERE IS NO RIGHT TO OR REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY IN USING GDIT’s NETWORK. All information and data on or transmitted by the GDIT Network may be monitored, recorded or audited by GDIT and disclosed to law enforcement or other third parties at any time and for any purpose. Personal use of the GDIT Network is limited as to not interfere with official work duties and is subject to monitoring. Misuse or unauthorized use of the GDIT Network is a violation of company policy and may result in disciplinary action, including termination, as well as civil or criminal investigation or prosecution. USE OF THE GDIT NETWORK CONSTITUTES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CONSENT.