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AI | Government’s Next Frontier – Research Study

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What Government AI Experts are Saying

"We are establishing an entirely new paradigm for translating insights about the brain to improve AI. We have to start by scoping how brains are different from what we already understand. And then we can start to build up a new grammar and a new set of operating principles that meaningfully describe computation in the biological brain."

Dr. David Markowitz
Program Manager of MICrONS & MIST, IARPA

"We are in a race for AI adoption supremacy, internationally. Something as emerging and disruptive and as potentially transformational as artificial intelligence technology needs to be treated with a degree of seriousness —of import to national security as well as economic security and economic competitiveness. We’re approaching this much like the Atomic Energy Association approached the power of the atom back in the days of the Manhattan Project. It is that important to the future of geopolitical power."

Bill Turenne Jr.
Director of Communications and External Relations
Artificial Intelligence & Technology Office (AITO)
Program Manager of MICrONS & MIST, IARPA

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say there will be less or static AI spending in 2020
say AI is not even on their agency's radar
are skeptical of AI's ability to reflect user intent
note a need to modernize legacy IT to adopt AI
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