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Cyber | Multi-Cloud Defense Research Report

With 81% of Federal agencies using more than one cloud platform , multi-cloud environments are government’s new normal. But how are Feds protecting this rapidly evolving landscape? Are their current cybersecurity tools and strategies adapting fast enough? What steps are they taking to increase visibility, resilience, and control while mitigating risk?

In this study, GDIT and MeriTalk surveyed Federal cyber leaders to explore cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in multi-cloud environments. The report catalogs current efforts and aspirations to offer Federal IT leaders a path to future-proof multi-cloud cybersecurity.

Federal cyber leaders
are multi-cloud users
of respondents are from a civilian agency
of respondents are from a defense agency
of respondents are from an intelligence agency

Cyber Study

Multi-Cloud Defense: Redefining the Cyber Playbook

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say they are trying to adapt cybersecurity strategies accordingly, but it’s not fast enough to keep pace with evolving multi-cloud environments
are increasing multi-cloud adoption to support increased telework and/or agency mission needs related to COVID-19
have begun moving critical services to the cloud to address telework-related availability issues
Budget constraints
Difficulty meeting regulatory requirements
Difficulty meeting regulatory requirements
Lack of sufficient cybersecurity solutions baked in (such as APIs and ICAM)
Increased attack surface
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84% of respondents

say successful multi-cloud adoption will strengthen their agency’s overall cybersecurity posture in the long run.