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Dan Skinner

Vice President of Global Defense and Government


Dan is an experienced technologist that began his professional career in 1996 at Network Solutions. He was part of the team that registered and published the first one million domain names, to include names such as and When a bad zone update caused DNS to fail the Internet ceased to work properly for 24 hours. (July 1997) Dan was able to use his troubleshooting skills to restore DNS globally shortly after being invited to work with the advanced working group established to restore name resolution services.

Dan has a passion for bringing cutting-edge technologies to help evolve enterprise security. Working at companies like F5 Network, Tripwire, ForeScout, WatchDox (Blackberry), FinalCode, Mattermost and Wickr, prior Dan has been able to help many enterprises straighten out their security posture while maintaining a healthy user experience.

While at F5 Networks Dan worked on advanced firewall techniques in combination with BIG/IP load balancers, this work turned into what we know today as the firewall sandwich.

While at Tripwire Dan worked on enterprise system integrity concerns to develop techniques used today to monitor files, network device configurations and databases to detect unauthorized use and unapproved changes to critical systems at a plethora of government agencies and commercial firms.

At ForeScout Dan used real-time discovery techniques to detect assets the moment they try to connect to the network. This work was picked up by 16 of the 17 primes that initially responded to the DHS CDM BPA a $6Billion dollar program.

While at WatchDox Dan helped organizations centralize, mobilize and protect content to create and gather data in the field and to disseminate critical data to people that need it, when they need it where they need it.

While at FinalCode Dan worked with commercial and government clients to centralize enforcement of Enterprise Digital Rights Management (eDRM) policies. The centralized eDRM policy management approach helps clients protect their most sensitive data inside and outside of the organization's perimeter. Allowing for remote deletion of individual files, even after they have been distributed should the need arise. Thus protecting each organization’s most critical assets, the intellectual property and valuable company data.

At Mattermost Dan helped bring an open source communications platform to large enterprise customers within Government and Aerospace markets. Mattermost is one of the largest open source projects for open communications.

Recognizing a need for secure communications Dan joined Wickr to bring secure communications to government and large enterprise entities with a goal of providing a solution for encrypted chat, audio, video, screen share and large file transfer that is easily used by executives in the office or in the field.

By protecting an organization's critical data Dan aims to help C level executives keep their organization's name out of the news, which is critical in this era of breaches and compromises where just one widely publicized incident can be catastrophic.

Dan Skinner
Vice President of Global Defense and Government