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MeriTalk Interview: GDIT’s Gilliland Talks Pandemic Recovery, Workforce Agility

Navigating the course of a top technology and systems integration provider to the Federal government through the coronavirus pandemic is a bit like swapping new parts into a very large airplane while it needs to remain in flight.

From sustaining 40 percent of the workforce on government sites during the largest public health crisis in a century, to sending the other 60 percent to work from home at a moment’s notice, standard playbooks went out the window and the premium on agility and management creativity went through the roof.

We sat down in recent days with Amy Gilliland, who has run General Dynamics Information Technology as president for going on five years, to talk mostly about how the company is helping Federal agencies cybersecurity and zero trust policy mandates, but in the course of a wide-ranging conversation came away with a whole lot more.